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  1. I don't see Sinclair adding that ASN channel to WDAF. Hopefully Charge joins Comet on the Meredith station KCTV or KSMO....
  3. Unlikely to be KCTV; my understanding is that CBS likes to have a high bitrate 1080i stream. Adding anymore subchannels would degrade that quality.
  4. Looks like the dog is sniffing the cats behind. Seems like Nexstar is going after Tegna Media and it's flagship WWLTV 4. If this happens thats gonna suck ole Portland Maine dry too with WCSH being the other top station that Tegna owns
  5. Given that Tegna, nee Gannett, owns 46 stations in 38 markets, including WUSA in Washington and WFAA in Dallas-Fort Worth, the two largest cities with non-O&O major network affiliates, I would hardly call a station in DMA#50 its "flagship".
  6. I guess that's like saying at one time when WGNO was labeled as Tribunes flagship station because it was the only station of the with a big 3 affiliate for years and people were like yeah that seems reasonable them being the only major 3 station that Tribune owns. Then it's like when they finally caught on and figured WGN Chicago was actually the flagship of Tribune well the WGNO's moment of glory lasted awhile lol. Actually WWL and WCSH were Belo Corps flagship guess that changed when Tegna took over unless it was all the same before hand. When it comes down to it, it's been all confusing anyway...the way station a have been sold off to media groups the last 5 years...
  7. I just read up on flagship and well Tegna flagship under Belo was WFAA and Tegna has 3 flagship which are WXIA, WUSA and KUSA.
  8. No station in KC area has Charge yet it's Cheddar what I was think of that 's on KCMN. Stay was lifted so deal will happen.
  9. You aren't missing anything.

    We had Charge! replace Grit a couple weeks ago. I used to watch hours of Grit everyday. I haven't yet found anything worth watching on Charge!
  10. Well it has to be better than TBD
  11. Ok, I will agree with THAT! LOL. TBD is absolute GARBAGE. Charge! at least looks like it has a chance of eventually showing at least one movie that I'd watch, We had TBD replace Bounce on another sub channel on the middle station owned by Sinclair in our DMA. They own TWO, and control a third one through a dummy corp (since it's technically illegal)
  12. Is CHARGE that network that plays awful 3rd rate movies? I believe it was on here for two weeks then removed! (Replaced with Decades)
  13. YES, mostly terrible movies. Some do seem like they should be ok, however they just aren't the kind that we watch.
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