PBS Sprout moving to Choice Ultimate 2/9 (update: for new customers)

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Got this in my e-mail

Dear Iceberg,
Thank you for being a loyal DIRECTV customer. We appreciate your business and would like to provide an important update regarding your DIRECTV® programming.
Effective February 9, 2012, Sprout on Channel 295 will move to the CHOICE ULTIMATE™ package. This channel move is part of an effort to control rising programming costs while still offering you the most popular channels at a reasonable price across all our packages. We apologize for any inconvenience this programming change may cause.
Many of the shows broadcast on Sprout are also available on your local PBS station(s). To find your local PBS stations, go to the Search & Browse section of your Menu screen and type "PBS" in the Smart Search bar. You can also visit DIRECTV.com for the most up to date PBS channel listings in your area.
DIRECTV also offers a broad selection of additional children's programming in our kids channel neighborhood of 290 through 302, including several Disney and Nickelodeon channels, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, the Hub and BabyFirstTV.
Thank you for your time and for being a valued member of the DIRECTV family.


So now it is 2 channels moving out of lower packages?

While I don't actually care that the two that are moving since I don't watch either one, I have to note that the price for my subs is going up. So more for less, huh! :(
Ultimate is $5 more and until recently was just the Encore channels

But I agree....raise rates then remove channels....what the hell is this? Dish? ;)
LOL!! :)

I have Extra because I think that is what I have to have to keep the HD Free for Life and the Golf Channel. Between Choice and Extra, Golf was the only one I actually cared about.

Oh well, only 19 more months to go... :)
Intresting, my kids are out of the sprout stage...But still not likeing these small moves to choice ulimate
Obviously Sprout was why programmings costs were going up so much and this isn't just a move to get parents of children who watch Sprout to pledge $5 more to the beast. Problem solved.
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I am 19 months into my 24 month contract with DirecTV. My children watch Sprout religiously... uggh! And, I have the Choice Xtra package.

Can anyone tell me if I agree to pay the $5 more per month and get the Choice Ultimate package, will my 24 month contract start over fresh immediately? That doesn't seem fair especially since I didn't ask them to move the channel, etc.

Don't watch sprouts, so I don't care where they move it. With that said, I do agree with general consensus about raising rates and lower the total number of channels in the package.
rumor also is some channels are moving DOWN in packages
one example was NatGeo to Choice
Iceberg said:
rumor also is some channels are moving DOWN in packages
one example was NatGeo to Choice

Any others?

I'm pretty pissed about the sprout thing if I'm honest.

Now if fox soccer moved out of the sports pack into choice extra that would lessen the pain...
This is total BS. I have the old Total Choice Plus package.

I don't suppose I'd be grandfathered to keep Sprout at current pricing?
DirecTV should move Hallmark Movie Channel (HD Only) to that Total Choice Plus level. (Whatever that package's rebranding.)
3 months ago I wouldn't have cared, but now our 1 year old loves this channel. We only watch maybe an hour a day, but my wife is pretty mad about this one. They have a ticker on the channel today directing viewers to the sprout website to voice their opinions and fill out a petition.
DirecTV should move Hallmark Movie Channel (HD Only) to that Total Choice Plus level. (Whatever that package's rebranding.)

yeah the halmark movie channel and universal hd should both not be in the extra pack, considering they both have tons of commercials. at least mgm hd, hdnet movies and sony hd are uncut and unedited.
yeah satracer at the "other site" posted this
We're pleased to have found a solution that enables customers who have Sprout to keep it in their programming package after February 9th. New customers coming onto the platform will need to subscribe to the Ultimate Package to get Sprout after that date. We are always evaluating our programming so we may provide more choice and at the same time manage rising programming costs on behalf of all of our customers. It was never our intention to remove Sprout from our service.

so basically as of 2/9 you would need Ultimate for new subs to get it
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