picture freezes on TCM HD?

I have Dish and ONLY TCM has this problem. Started about a month ago. Dish tech told me TCM has a signal problem and doesnt know how to fix it....I contacted TCM and just get an uninformed person that pretends they dont know what could be the problem...
Yes it's kind of sad, really. At one time TCM was my main channel, probably more than the next 2 or 3 put together, but now I don't watch at all. When you miss important parts of the dialog because it broke up, froze, pixilated, and skipped a couple of seconds before it stabilized you eventually reach the point of throwing in the towel and I have. If they ever get it fixed I hope someone posts it on the forum so I'll know but since it's been going on for years now I won't hold my breath.
Also here.

The various Hallmark channels also do this regularly.
I've never had that happen with Hallmark and the wife has that on often. TCM, however, does it all the time. I was up at 3am today so I gave it a shot. The pic froze for 7 seconds then broke up before returning to normal. I hit the Back button and there it was in the recording as well so it's coming from the signal if the DVR captures it.
Saw this while watching 2 boobs in a balloon. Was weird, as I'm not used to seeing issues like that on Dish. Generally, this happens occasionally while streaming live sports.

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