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Feb 28, 2016
Hey all-

I'll have to re-introduce myself, but im John! Spent 10 years in the field installing residential DTV and DISH before i started MDU's. Retired from it in 2018.

I installed ORBY over at my parents place about two months ago using a DTV WD dish, ORBY's DVR and diplexed their previous yagi directional OTA antenna.

It was a cheap alternative to DISH- and honestly they love it. SO, im going to make the switch at my place. The only three channels i enjoy watching are included HD with ORBY, and im digging the OTA integration. However my setup is going to be a bit more intentionally complex due to being a damn enthusiast lol.

My install will consist of all new solid copper RG6, proper grounding. I will be installing 4 rooms. Two DVR's, and two standard receivers. There will be a fair amount of loss considering the distance from the ODU plus the 4-way splitter, so i already have intentions on using a specific single line amp.. a Sonora LA141Rx-T. It passes 54-3000mhz, passes DC and DiSEqC. also has a dedicated power source and is +14db gain. I would use something like a wideband holland in line amp but i really dont want to rely on receiver power for anything but the LNB.

Install will consist of-

My suspended directional OTA antenna and a new DTV WD ODU (may of had some overstock of these) to a holland diplexer in the attic
Out of the diplexer into the LA141Rx-T (powered in the attic)
Out of the amp into the 4 way, then off to each receiver. I wont be using barrels in my wall plates.

Im choosing to use a line amp out of the gate because i know how drastic a 4 way kills DBS, and my OTA would likely struggle.

This is going to be a long weekend project. Outside will have all of the aesthetics of a professional install, unless ofcourse i want to piss the wife off lol.

If anyone has any input, be glad to share! Thanks!

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