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Here is gang. An unmoderated thread about Playboy-HD Review. The rule of the game is --- no rules. You may only use that language in this thread. Any other place outside the thread it will be censored.

Warning: Those that are offended by this type of discussion, should stay away.

This is a summary of the HD prgrms in Playboy-HD:

Programs in HD

The Weekend Flash
Night Calls
Spice Clips
Night Calls 411
Spice Hotel
Lexx in the City
Private Calls
Queen of Clubs
The Extreme Truth
Night Calls HotLine

Movies in HD:

Sex Opera
The Vault
Hollywood Guru
LOVING Al Fresco.
Lose Morals In The Street
Loose Morals: International (2004, Adult)
Ultimately Carmen
One Night with Duchess
Hot Rods
Soul made
A moment in Time
The Dinner Party 3: The Cocktain Party Part 1
Magic Nights
Lose Morals 4
Racer X
Snow Job
Sign of Love
Lovers Choice
Love on the Range Part 2
Hes Spunn on Her
Unidentified Woman
Edge Runner
The Dinner Party 3: The Cocktail Party Part 2 (2004, Adult)
Thanks for starting this thread, Sean, you da man!

Got it activated this morning, pretty funny so far. There is a lip-sync issue, someone reported on the yahoo group last night, and i can confirm the moans are all over the place. But, if you can deal with a little bit of a delay, the HD brings adult entertainment into a whole new level. For those D* or E* subscribers out there, imagine going from VHS to DVD and the realm of excitement "Forest Lump" can provide! It's the real deal. The live shows, which were on before I left for the office, are like Family Business (the Showtime show) and a copy of Maxim uncensored. For just about any guy and the liberal, open minded females, it's a great channel.
I noticed the lyp-sync issue as well last night. Wilt stated that will look into it at Yahoo Board. For those who watched the true HD Nooners last night, was it DD5.1 or DD2.0? I was watching the SD Widescreen version which look "ok". I imagined how that it would look in HD (the stuff in the studio). Did the hosts performed any sucking activities? They were doing this in the SD Widescreen version.
There was lots of sucking and sticking in the studio this morning. they show full dildo action, where's Janet now?!?!?!?!? The studio was in 2.0, but could you imagine some sucking in 5.1? woah...
There was a lot more than just sucking activities. They did everything except the final part of the act. It looked great in HD. Right now they have the Nooner on again, and it is perfect. The PQ is great. Full HD.
So the $$ shot was not there. How does the girl look in HD? Does the camera man gets a close shot of the sucking in dealing in both? Any girl to girl action? I know in Night Calls they will have girl to girl action depending on the topic of the night.
Yes everything but the money shot. The cameras get as close as could be. Just like being there. Just like regular porn except much more clarity. Girl to Girl action only in the clips.
I just found this post in the avsforum :

I also paid for this but the guy on the phone with voom yesteraday said we will only get the 14.95 monthly rate til the end of may and that this will be part of the payper view after that point. I am hoping that those of us who signed on now can be grandfathered into the monthly rate when that comes to an end we all should enjoy for this rate while we can.......

What a disaster this would be. Has anyone heard of this. What a tease it would be to have for a couple of months and then they take it from us.
Having never seen Playboy or Spice TV in the last 10+ years, is this a true porn channel (i.e. not like cinemax at night), or is it the sae as if you rented a porn dvd and you actually see everything?
Not same as porn, but more hardcore than cinemax. You see penetration, but no money shot. I doubt we'll ever see, uhm, usage of the other hole.
timmarchant said:
Having never seen Playboy or Spice TV in the last 10+ years, is this a true porn channel (i.e. not like cinemax at night), or is it the sae as if you rented a porn dvd and you actually see everything?

It is still soft porn and not hardcore porn. The nice part about it are the LIVE shows. They are entertaining. I watched Night Calls and Lexx in the City. They were good programs to watch (more like the teaser and not hardcore video porn).
They don't show the fully aroused male member. They show everything but. That's why you'll see a lot of plastic peni' on the live shows. So, it's a medium core, or a "chubby" core action. You see more than on Skinamax and you see less than Vivid videos.

BJ's will most likely be seen from the front or behind, not the side in this instance. and that's why there's no $$ shot, but you might see a splash here or there and the after effects.
That Nooner show had erect member penetrating female, up close and personal. Maybe there are some areas the have decency laws requiring alternate feed. PPV Porn in Houston is like that on Time Warner.
cyu: i will have to look out for this intriguing movie.

I think that this is one of the most viewed threads compared to how "long" it has been around for. Sex sells!
The Nooner shows has everything but the money shot. It is an incredible show. Great HD clarity and incredible girls. You see them do everything fully with closeups, except the moneys shot, of course.

This channel combines the softcore of Playboy and the more hardcore of Spice and Hot Network. It gives you a little of everything.
O.K. I don't get it. Showing genitals and penetration up close is allowed but somehow a money shot is too hard core? What, do they think that those watching this stuff to begin with would be offended? Is it edited out or is it that the material itself doesn't contain a money shot? Most bizarre to me. Don't tell me...everyone is using condoms as well?
It's edited out. I have seen the full scenes of several Playboy movies in other places that included the money shot. I don't know why, but I think it is against the law to show a money shot on TV. I think it is legal in Canada, but not in the U.S.
" I think it is legal in Canada, but not in the U.S.[/QUOTE]"

Ahem.... I'd sure like to see how the honorable representatives worded that law. What key word should I use to search the FCC archives? Seriously, I doubt the Feds describe individual acts, unless it is illegal in some states (like sodomy). But then again, who knows?

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