Played a fun game of CSR roulette yesterday (1 Viewer)

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Aug 16, 2007
Knoxville, TN
So, I currently have dishHD Absolute and wanted to add Starz before 8/1 with the rumors going around about the grandfathered status. If I could have, I would have added it from my online account, but for some reason any online changes are disabled. So here's how it went.

  1. 1st online chat - CSR added Starz to account, said give it 10-15 minutes, gave the spiel about new monthly rate, first bill will be higher, blah, blah, blah. Well, got home and the Starz channels were not available.
  2. 2nd online chat - CSR said Starz was never added to my account, but would add it if I would like. I say ok, get the same spiel, wait about 30 Starz.
  3. 3rd online chat - CSR said Starz was never added and couldn't be added because I didn't have a wing Dish. Huh, Starz channels are only on 61.5? Would the channels even show up in the EPG if I wasn't getting them from the satellite? Anyway, I decided not to argue and continue my game of roulette.
  4. Finally decided to call - CSR said Starz was never added, but would add it if I liked. She also informed me that I can change programming online at "triple w dot dish network dot com". Besides the fact that I can't add programming online, who says "triple w"? So, while I'm on the call....tada....Starz shows up in my guide. I wish I could have talked to the 3rd CSR I talked to online and told her that I am defying the laws of nature by picking up Starz without a wing dish.
Well, at least I have Starz now :D
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Feb 6, 2008
United States
Not sure if you are under contract..

I did the same (csr roulette) when trying to get starz and hbo free for 3 months and starting tomorrow, Aug. 1 I will be able to do both. All you have to do is sign a new 2 year contract. Not sure if that is worth it to you or not, just thought I would throw that out there.
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Jul 4, 2004
Durham, NC
I hear someone say that once in a great while, but I'm with you - I think it just sounds odd.

Working in the Internets [sic] business, I can tell you a lot of people say it. It cuts out 4 syllables after all. More annoying to me are the people who say "dub, dub, dub."

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