PlayStation Vue Goes Nationwide, Starting at $29.99 in New Markets

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  2. Woot! Woot! It's about time!
  3. Downside: If they offer locals, you have to buy them, and they cost $10 more compared to the non-locals packages. However, I agree that especially without the locals these packages offer some great deals. Curious they don't have GSN.
  4. Areas it was available in before offer live locals and are priced $10 higher. They do not have access to the recently launched national "slim" packages without locals. I have not seen what will happen when some of these new markets get locals added, but it is reasonable to assume that they will go to the same plan the original "with local" markets have.
  5. Okay yes I remember those packages.
    But it showed I qualify for the New packages.
    This is a nice surprise.
    But even at $55 that's better then most providers Line ups at that price.

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  6. I like that $35 option that includes RSNs. The other thing I like is the cloud DVR support. Nothing actually gets stored on your PS4's hard drive. Basically the way it works is you get 1000 hours of storage space and you mark things you want to "record" in the guide. Once you do that it is available in your cloud DVR to stream later. Since it's not actually recording anything there is no tuner limit.

    That is a big improvement for me over the way Sling handles it. Yes you get access to an on demand library with Sling but not everything is available in the library. The stuff that is is often added several days later and if you don't watch it in time before it is removed from the on demand library you lose it. Vue still has the on demand library but their cloud DVR is a huge feature.

    I'm glad they added Fire TV and iOS support so it's not only Playstation consoles that can get this service. They need to add Roku support if they really want this to take off though. I'm saying that even as someone who owns a PS4. A lot more people own a Roku than a PS3/PS4 and even people like myself who do own a PS4 probably only own one of them. Then there is the whole idea of navigating TV menus with a game controller. Sure it's doable but many people would prefer to use a regular remote on a Roku.

    My cable company is currently giving me a really good TV package (similar to AT 250 plus HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax) for $40 more than I pay for internet alone. I have no contracts and have recently been able to get them to extend me another year when the promo ran out and I tried to cancel. I think it's worth the extra $5 to keep real cable right now but if they ever take that promo from me I'll be looking at the $35 Vue option, at least for the MLB season.
  7. 5 simultaneous streams is a HUGE improvement on the sling model

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  8. Absolutely considering 4 streams of Sling would cost you a minimum of $80.
    My family would never survive on one Sling stream.

    This is a Nice option for sure.

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  9. Testing it out now on three fire sticks at once.

    Sling tv has a serious problem. It's VERY early in the testing but pq is good, and no stutter yet. Be curious how it holds during a big show or event.

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  10. NCAA tournament could be a good upcoming test
  11. Yes, good suggestion. Will do

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  12. I said sling tv has a serious problem but let me expand that. Bandwidth caps and availability aside sat and cable providers with their box fees could have a serious problem.

    The dish welcome package is $19, but add a hopper and two joeys with dvr and you overshoot this and don't get the channels. (You do get locals).

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  13. I most likely will take a trial run, doesn't cost anything and I have the FireTV and PS3 & 4, so watching it won't be a problem.

    I've been reading at their site and have to say that is a VERY competitive and pretty full featured offering. The 'core' package has all I'd want, the pseudo DVR function is a nice addition too. Reading it looks like you can skip on at least some channels/shows too.

    And since it is a month-to-month sub with no contract, it appears to be a good fallback if/when <pick-your-content-provider> goes dark during ever more contentious renewal negotiations.

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  14. Welcome pack + Hopper 3 = $34 and supports one TV with almost nothing worth watching.

    PSVue Core = $34.99 and supports up to 5 streams and matches up nicely with either the T200 or T250 minus Encore.

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  15. OK, started a trial. Interface is OK, nothing too difficult though it is very different. Audio on the 2 channels I checked is only stereo though. :(
    PQ is great!

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  16. DAMN! They need to add it to Roku or Tivo Roamio....

    $35 for the channels I watch which is mainly sports? cool
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  17. Xbox One too, but guessing that's never happening... I suppose I could put a Chromecast or FireTV in the HDMI in if I really wanted to. Then have PSVue and Kodi available.

    Really didn't expect a Sony product to be this competitive, those SlingTV sub numbers are going to take a big hit if they weren't preparing to counter some of the capabilities PSVue brings to the table. Toss in a potential NBC carriage dispute on top of that, could be a rough spring.
  18. My biggest complaint thus far is the speed of navigation. However I do believe that is more of an issue with the fire tv stick I am using than the service itself. I did not test it on my old ps3 yet to see if that helps.
    It is likely faster on the fire tv box or the ps4, although I am guessing there.

    I would say that sling tv is slightly faster on the stick, but it also is slower to respond on there than on say my roku 3.
  19. It is plenty fast on the FireTV box. A couple things I found on the FireTV is that you can't 'tag' favorite channels. It says to tap the 'heart' icon to do that, but there is no heart icon for favorite channel on the FireTV. I set them on my iPhone and it then shows them on the FireTV.

    It also won't show just the favorite channels on the FireTV beyond a fairly low number.

    I'm sure with feedback those issues will get fixed.

    Set a few shows to record but haven't gone back to see what is actually there yet.

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