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John David

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Apr 3, 2004
Can anyone confirm that a dual (two lnbf in one housing) DISH Digital LNBF (part number BS1D1UP201M, Lot E07) is the "Legacy", for feeding signals from both DISH satellites at 110 & 119 to my Model 6000 receiver.
Also I received a used single LNBF (Sharp BS1H1UP120M, Lot E94). Is this for single satellite reception only?
From the numbers you have given I can't gaurantee it is a Legacy Dual but I have one BS1H1UP201M that is a Legacy Dual. I also have BSCH84P60,BsnA5-506A, 123472316-AA,BS1H3Up201M, all are dual LNBF LEGACY. I also have BS1B1UP101M this is a Single Dish Pro LNBF. What you are looking for is a LNBF that dosen't have a Black rectangle W/ DP on the side away from the dish. A single LNBF is for feeding 1 receiver not for single satellite reception. A dual LNBF is for single satellite reception but will feed 2 or more receivers.

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