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Jul 19, 2004
I'm sure somone can answer my basic questions. I have been waiting to have a dish put in at my summerhome for four months. After the contractor not showing up to do the install for the third attempt I pulled the plug on there installation. The kicker is that they left the dish, a dish network 322 receiver, a multi dish switch dp34 107107 and all the dual rg6 cable I need. I happen to be an electrician and can install the system myself but am not sure how to approach Dish Network about getting my service activated.Any suggestions?
Once installed you could call 1-800-333-DISH and activate the system (I am sure the originating dealer setup up a claim with your info). The originating dealer will probably get paid for part of the activation and return looking for you to sign a work order and agreement to get paid for the balance.
Thanks for your help! I was hoping to approach dn and set up a 12 month contract. I think the contractor has just abandon the equipment and done nothing as far as contacting dn. Do you think they will go for this or should I just call another installer and sell the equipment on ebay?
They left a lot of money behind they will not get reimbursed for until it is activated. I would offer to ship it back to the retailer at their expense or activate as you had planned - certainly wouldn't sell it. Who knows what repercussions that would have not only for you but the poor SOB you sell it to if it comes back as "stolen" when they go to activate.
You don't even need the DP34 switch to install the system if you are just hooking up the 322. See if your system came with the instructions for assembling and mounting the Dish500. If you're sure you have line of sight to the satellite orbital locations at 110 & 119 degrees you ought to be able to put up the dish, run 2 leads of RG6 coax to the receiver, and run another lead from the receiver to the 2nd TV.

Did the contractor even tell you what his problem was? I have to wonder if you have a line of sight problem or some other installation issue.

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