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Sep 7, 2003
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We here at SatelliteGuys.US want EVERYONE to enjoy their SatelliteGuys.US experience and we want to be able offer you features which are unavailable anywhere else. Ultimately we want to be your one stop shop for all things satellite. :)

Yesterday worked all day and installed a very unique feature which I have not seen anywhere else. That features was making the two Satellite UseNet groups available to SatelliteGuys.US members! Whats unique is not only can you read these UseNet Newsgroups using our easy to use forum format, but you can also post to them.

The amount of positive feedback I got for these additions was great!

However a few people were upset at the addition of these newsgroups because it added to the "clutter" when doing a new message search.

Well as I said at the top we want everyone to enjoy their SatelliteGuys.US experience, so I stayed up all night last night and figured out a solution to make everyone happy (I hope) :D

By default all registered members have access to these newsgroups.

Those who do not want to have access to those usenet group please PM me and I can block those groups for you meaning you won't see those forums in your "New Posts Search"

This is a win win for everyone. :)

Now please be aware that while UseNet newsgroups are unmoderated on the Internet, they ARE moderated here. We will remove any spam or messages dealing with hacking. This is being done not only to adhere to our Terms of Use policies, but also to give you the best UseNet feeds without you having to sift through all the junk.

Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions! We are here for YOU!
If we reply to these usenet posts that were made will it go towards your post count? Will they be able to see our posts we make as well? If so is it just the posts that are in response to theirs?
Yes it does, infact I noticed that if you normally post to the newsgroups and user the same posting name, it counts your Usenet posts as posts made here. :)

For example Bob Haller has only posted here 2 or 3 times, yet after I added the newsgroups yesterday his post count is something like 103. :)
Could you remove the newsgroups from my account too?

Update: Nevermind, they're ok now that you've removed that bold. :)
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