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Sep 11, 2003
Some other aesthetic quirks / suggestions...


1) You are currently using 2-3 lines for your forum descriptions. Is there any possibility that you could get this down to 1-2 lines? The goal should be to fit as many of the popular SatGuys forums on one screen (without scrolling) as possible, but without appearing too crowded. In an equivalent sized browser window, I can see 12 forums on DBSTalk.com, but only seven on SatelliteGuys. You might want to take a look at the forum spacing on AVSForum too.

2) For the forums links to the usenet groups, is the last update time really necessary? It's listed twice, consumes a lot of extra space, and the bold is distracting. We already see the time under "last post," but if you really want to keep the last update time, could you list it only once, and use a smaller font without the bold?

You might also want to move the disclaimer, "While most posts are uncensored Management reserves...," out from under the alt.dbs.echostar title.

3) On the main page, please try to go easy on the bold and colors. I know you want to emphasize some news, but sometimes it just makes it more difficult to read (like WRITING IN CAPS). I won't say what I thought of that multicolored VOOM text... :x

4) Could the SatelliteGuys Operations Forums be placed more toward the bottom? These forums are related more to site feedback and store support than they are to satellite discussion.
Hey Ken thanks for your Suggestions. I am actually working on a few of them now (before even seeing you write this)

Hehe I was waiting for someone to say something about the multicolored VOOM logo. :)
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