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Apr 17, 2021
Irmo, Sc
I’ve got a mobile setup for RV using a 1000.2 antenna & 211k receiver. I use a phone app to rough point the dish then the signal meter on the 211k to find and peak the signal by manually turning the dish and waiting on the signal strength response on the 211k which takes ~1-10 seconds. I recently went to upgrade my receivers and was sold a Wally as the stand alone replacement for the 211k. But when the tech came, he told me the Wally doesn’t have a responsive signal meter like the 211k. And that after every adjustment with the dish, a check switch on the Wally would be reqd to get the updated signal strength - which takes several minutes. The tech wouldn’t activate a Wally and show me because he said if we did that, it’s mine. So I declined to switch from the 211k. But I’d like to know was this tech correct in that the Wally doesn’t have a responsive signal meter that can help point the dish? The dish folks sold me on buying a Wally because I can turn it off for a few months a year that it’s not used and not get charged. I don’t think that option is available on my leased 211k. Any advice is appreciated.
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Nov 2, 2013
wally has a responsive signal meter. When i work out of town i would take my wally and a dish and set it up. never had any issues.
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