Pointing my Direct TV Dish

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Oct 24, 2009
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I posted this in the wrong place before I hope this is the right place.

I have had Direct TV for since April 1994, I was an early adopter when the 18" dish was RCA and I have moved it about 11 years ago to a new current location. It still works fine with my Low Definition Receivers. I have added and changed receivers twice (I have 3) and now one of them is starting to act squirley. So I went out and bought a HD Receiver from Best Buy, but I do not want HD TV yet. I just thought I would buy a HD receiver because in the future I may want HD, but not now. I bought a new "DIRECTV MULTI-SATELLITE kA/kU LNB" dish and Now I need to Aim it properly. Although I installed the Single LNB Dish I am not sure of what procedures to do next.
I cannot find the Dish I have listed in the list on the receiver and I am not sure which 101o Satellite to aim at. My Model No is 151647 Lot 0208 for my dish. The satellite pointer using 101.1W Dir TV 4s 9s Suggest the following: Elevation 44, AZ True 196.5 Mag 197.0, and Skew 12.8. Are these the correct settings, am I looking at the right satellite?
Another question, Can I make sure the Satellite dish is tuned before activating the card with Direct TV. I want to make sure everything works before activation, in case I have to take the receiver back to Best Buy. I know I am probably qualified to receive new Dish, Receiver etc from Direct TV, But I wanted to do this myself and do not want to change any plan I currently have. A lot of information but I hope someone can help. I was told I could contact a local installer that could help me on the side. Any takers in the West County area of St. Louis, MO????
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Jun 12, 2006
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enter your zip into the receive.. specify the dish type you have and itll give you the relevent settings.. then you can tune for your sats.. I had the 5lnb so I turned for 110/119 (really easy to find) then moved the dish up down until I got 95+ on 101, 103, and 99.. :)

its not that bad.. directv gives you most of the info youll need.. the rest is just playing around.. and if you run into any trouble check the phone book or even call directv theyll give you numbers to local installers in the area.. most companies will do a tune for you if you call em up...


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Dec 22, 2007
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Unless you have a signal meter(ex. Birdog) you will never be able to find the correct signal and/or peak the dish correctly. The slimline dish is a very difficult dish to install unless you know what you are doing. You might try looking for a DTV installer and ask if he can help you out.
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