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    Casually worked over a hundred stations with great QSOs this weekend from a ridge near Duncan Peak Fire Lookout in the Tahoe National Forest, California. Participated in the 100w & A Wire Tune-up contest and exchanged with 8 members, but didn't get back in time to submit the entry. 16 countries and 26 states/provinces.

    The location was at 6800 feet and the 20/40m noise floor was below S:0. Worked stations that didn't even register on the meter! I am used to S3-5 noise floor at home and this was amazing!

    Ran the Yaesu FT-991 at 90w into a inverted "L" configuration MyAntenna end fed 131' wire with 25' coax counterpoise and 6 ferrite clip on beads at the radio. Brought the MFJ993b tuner, but didn't need it as the SWR was excellent. 1.3:1 and lower on 20/40m and the upper band of 75m.

    First time flying the wire on a Spiderbeam telescoping 12m mast mounted to the RV ladder with Flagpole Buddy mounts. The top was at about 45' and flew South to a pine tree at 50'. After installation the top flexed about 5'. Looked like we were headed surf fishing!

    Beautiful 70 degree weather on Saturday, but had to pull out Sunday afternoon when a snow storm hit! 2" in the first half hour and 4" by the time we left an hour later. Reports indicated 18" accumulated overnight, so we made the right decision; otherwise, we might still be working portable on the ridge for a few more days. 80 degree weather is forecast to return tomorrow. Crazy!

    Worked 15 stations from the 2nd location at the Mumford Bar Campground with the wire at 15'. When we arrived it was snowing and almost dark. Wanted to keep the antenna set-up simple. Had the same low noise floor, but had to work a bit harder for contacts. Still managed to work Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and get checked into the 75m nets. :)

    Here are a few pics of our set-up and retreat to lower elevation. Had a great time and looking forward to the next portable excursion.
    ~ AI6US/Portable


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  3. I bet that was a lot of fun!!!
  4. Had a blast! Told Lin that she could leave me up there with a tent, battery, radio, antenna and a few PBJ sandwiches.

    I am envious of anyone with a noise floor below S:0! :)
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  5. "Cool" story. It sounds like lots of fun. Radioing or headed for surf fishing is all OK by me.

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  6. Quite an adventure with this strange weather season. Hopefully you'll get better weather for field day -- coming up soon.
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  7. The club will be set-up for Field Day in Nyack at the Shell station exit. Stop by, say hi and get some HF time if you wish.
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  8. 4A -SNJ Field Day Old Barney Amateur Radio Club, November-Two-Oscar-Bravo, N2OB, Wells Mills Park, Ware Town, NJ

    mikelib - WA2ACV - N1MM network tech, assistant 6 meter station chief, will also operate 40 SSB and 15 PSK31 at times.

    This one of our radio clubs big outings. We provide food and drinks for the whole weekend and we get a large crowd.

    Expect a group of Girl Scouts to use the GOTA for their merit badge.
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  9. Field Day 2017 was very successful for the Old Barney ARC. 20170624_195753.jpg 20170625_093439.jpg 20170625_093410.jpg 20170625_093314.jpg over 3K Q's.

    Excuse the finger the glare block out the view, I just aimed and clicked away
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  10. Have the RV set-up at 6900' near Robinson Flat, CA this long holiday weekend and have the radio outside on a card table. :) Great to be back in S:0 noiseland!

    Happy 4th!
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