possible new channel: 29 HD NETWORK?


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Apr 16, 2004
A group of Gen X/Y specific media savvy folks from film DVD, Broadband, TV and Print magazine world have come together to create a new channel/network for the 25-40 audience and their offering called 29HDNetwork is planned for cable and satellite.

With MTV reaching the music worshiping teen and post-teens. CNN, FOX News, MSNBC dealing to the news junkie; Oxygen and WE addressing women, the recently christened SPIKE chasing the male audience, Nick owning the really young ones, the hardcore spenders between 25 and 40 are being ignored without a network to call their own. The other question remains. Is another channel in the tightly packed cable offerings the solution? Who makes up the cream of the bulk of the 25 to 40 crowd, and where are they heading? Recent reports have shown a majority of this male audience is spending time in the interactive broadband world of the Internet. Can another off the shelf cable channel pull them back from their keyboards? Can cable executives intrinsically understand the media consumption habits of this demographic? There was the Internet/Online generation, then the Broadband generation, then came the Wireless generation. The recently minted cash generators made up of upwardly mobile men and women in their late twenties and early thirties are now known as the High Definition generation. They grew up with the DVD system and a 5.1 surround sound setup. They understand High Bit high quality compressed video, and WIDESCREEN ratios. They are walking into Best Buys and Circuit City outlets and frequently encountering large arrays of HD Plasma screens for sale. As they hit their early thirties, these older twenty some-things are packing their wish list with the various brand name flat panel offerings. With the rapidly dropping price of these flat TVs, their wish list will soon be remarked as a shopping list.

The team from 29HD is in the process of partnering with cutting edge non-broadcast media partners who are already reaching this elusive audience. For the first two to three years, the channel will have several weekly half hour shows, including special interest sports, a music show, and a daily Movie or sitcom re-run is planned as of now. This audience expects programming in 5.1 surround sound and a fresh approach, or else they always have the company of the 200 existing channels. This fresh thinking could be key to cable and satellite systems in attracting this growing new revenue base. The one new piece of programming will follow the lead set by Bravo with a twenty-something version of Charlie Rose meets KCRW Radio called "The Daily Lounge Show". Other planned fresh programming may include FAST Motor Sport Cinema, and a junior WEST WING type show on the IOWA primaries bound young political sidekicks to Presidential candidates aptly christened "POLITICOS". According to the team spokesperson at 29HDNetwork, we want to have strong partnerships with media brands that are currently successful in reaching out to this highly media savvy demographic, with that in mind, this team is teaming up with several magazine brands to extend to broadcast. They are not aiming to build up their viewer base in a couple of years, they are happy to grow with the pace of growth projected for HD adoption. This is a measured 5-7 year strategy to be the brand for HD reaching the HD generation. The 29team will begin an early promotion schedule through the effective use of buzz on the Internet. In their words, "the future 20 million plus potential HD TV owners are all online, we just need to specifically reach out to them and make them aware of the coming offering and what is different about it".

here is a link to their site: http://www.standard8media.com/29HD/

and I found this on http://www.movieline.com/

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