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Ray S

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Sep 7, 2003
Central NJ
I got on the phone at about 7:30 A.M. I got off at 8:10 A.M. The service rep said she was a "short blond from Virginia". She got an error message and said she had to wait until the corporate offices opened at 8:00 A.M. She was on the phone with them and everything got approved. I will have an 18 month commitment. The 622 will be shipped to me in about ten days but install will not be done until Feb. 28th. I currently have the everything Pack CBS, Dish Network HD Package and the Voom Original. I currently have a four Receiver Access Fee and the total cost is $127.50

The new package will include a $5.00 rental fee per month for the 622. I will be charged $299.00 on my credit card for the 622. I used the Dish VIP Line 1-888-888-3474. She was very good and I was happy was extremely happy with the service I got.

She said the Platinum package will cost $104.99 and the total cost should be $119.00. I will be turning off my 301 and 311. I will keep my 921, 811 and 501 operating. I currenty own all of my equipment.
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Apr 14, 2004
Rock Hill, SC
Just got a call from my brother...called in @ 7:45 Eastern using the ClubDish 888 number , Short hold time. Told the guy he needed to upgrade his 311 to a 622. Told no problem...guy was knowledgeable about the 622 and HD upgrade packages. My brother picked the package he wanted, and was given an install date of 2/21. No mention was made as to whether the 622 would be shipped or if the installer would bring, so I guess we'll see. They also confirmed that he was getting a Dish 1000 installed (for those in Charlotte area that wondered if we got Dish 1000 or not.)

Two strange things he mentioned from the call though:

1. The CSR told him that if he'd like to wait till April, he would be eligible for a $200 rebate. I thought this was just for 921/942 brother only has a 522 and 311, and has never had HD before.

2. The CSR said that he would also get Charlotte HD locals as soon as the Dish 1000 was installed, but I don't believe Charlotte is one that's uplinked right now. Told my brother not to hold his breath on that one! upgrade experience?...I won't get to tell you till April. :rolleyes: Thanks again for that Dish.
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Jan 31, 2006
Called at 8:00am Eastern

Asked for 622 reciever and HDplatnum package

Was given a Febuary 22nd install date.

Fingers crossed.


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May 25, 2004
Called @ 7:07am cst on hold till 7:21 after the csr completed her line about 18 month commitment I told her that I would rather have the 622 than the 211 she said it would be 299.99. I agreed I asked about a trade in of one of my owned boxes and she said I could get 25 dollars. I declined. Transaction took a very long time. She kept apologizing for the time. finished at 7:35 and I have a install scheduled for 2-21.


Route of the Northliners
Dec 21, 2005
Western Michigan
Called at 8:15 am eastern- went through tech support- hold time was under five minutes. Told the CSR "I may have hit the wrong prompts, but can you help me with an upgrade?" CSR said no problem.

I own two 811's and an older 501 PVR. I already have a Dish 1000. Wanted to upgrade both 811 receivers- told I could do only one- 622 for $299.00 or 211 for $49.00. No credit for already having the Dish 1000 installed.

CSR said that on April 1st I would be eligible for the 622 at $299.00 with a $200.00 rebate.

I asked CSR if I get the 211 now for $49.00, would I be eligible for the 622 April 1st with the $200.00 rebate. His answer was "probably not," but there seemed to be some confusion and he didn't sound certain.

I'm going to wait and get the 622 April 1st for $99.00 after rebate and feed one of my HDTV's and a third SDTV (replacing the 501.) Hopefully at that point I can still upgrade my other 811 to a 211 for $49.00.......


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Dec 13, 2003
Called at 7:10 CST
On hold till 7:50 CST

Was told the systems were "messed up" and that I will need to call back later.


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Mar 11, 2004
Tigard, Oregon
Played roulette and got a very nice CSR... who initially was "Hmming" a lot... but finally got down to business asked me for the R # of the 811 I was swapping took my CC info and gave me a Feb 21 install date.

Me thinks Feb 21st is just a date they pulled out of their collective ....

Anyway we shall see what the 21st holds.



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Supporting Founder
Oct 2, 2003
Philadelphia, PA
Looking to score a 211.

Called at 8:30 for a CSR, message said over 15 minute wait. Forget it.

Called at 8:45 for tech support, 1 minute wait. Nice guy, familiar with the packages, fees, etc. Takes my credit card number. I currently have a DPP 500 and a DP for 61.5. Techie says I will still need to get a Dish 1000, and that only parts of Texas and Maine have issues, Philadelphia should be OK. I asked him to double check, put me on hold for 5 minutes, and came back to say I would get a Dish 1000.

Then he says that there is a problem with the scheduling, and I need to call back after 6:00 Mountain to schedule the installation. Out of his hands, and he was polite about it, so no complaints from me.

I'm hoping against hope I can get this for Friday, as I will be home from work anyway. Have to see what happens.


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Oct 24, 2005
South Louisiana
Called at 5am mountain. I was on hold for about 30 minutes.
CSR seemed to be Indian.
I said I wanted to upgrade to HD and she quoted me $49.
I said I wanted the HD DVR and she changed that to $299.
Took down the credit card info and read through a script about commitment that I could barely understand.
Gave me a Feb 21st install date (gonna be a busy day it looks like) and said I would have to be home the whole day (8am-5pm window)
Asked for the info for the reciever I was turning in. It's on a computer right now so she seemed to be getting frustrated with me as I booted it up. Kept telling me to just turn on the tv and press the menu button.
I just checked and the temp charge of $1 and the $299 have both been posted to my credit card.

EDIT: No questions about packages where asked, and no mention of a new dish (I have Super Dish right now)
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Jan 17, 2006
I just got off the phone and was told March 2nd for install.
They will not ship the reciever to me.
So no Superbowl or Winter Olympics in HD for me.


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Nov 10, 2004
Called 8:50 est on hold for 20 mins (watched family guy on my 508)
They put a $1 hold on my CC till they install on 2-21-06 between 8-noon
will send the 622 in the mail, $6 lease fee $5.99 dvr fee if I drop AEP $6 fee if I drop HD programming 1year commitment and $49 fee if the installer comes out and I change my mind.


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Jan 15, 2006
8:53 Dialed Dish Used option for Tech Support
Wait time quoted 6 minutes
8:56 USA ( Pittsburg) CSR
9:00 Placed on hold to check notes from manager who said I can upgrade today to 622 for 299.00
9:03 Back on the line checking on the 622 Not sure if she knows what a 622 is?
Placed me on hold again 9:05
9:09 Back on the line. We can upgrade need min of 226.12 Gave Credit Card.
9:12 Place on hold
9:16 Back on the line waiting for the system, It is very slow.
9:19 Placed back on hold. Updates per the CSR: Q what about local HD A: No Idea Q: What about Stock on 622 A: no idea Q: Do I need to subscribe to certain HD package A: yes but not sure what one.
9:23 Call back later for Shipping Date! Everyone calling wont let them get to certain programs. She said my order is placed so I will call back tonight or tomorrow morning.

9:50 Decided to call back and got in touch with CSR. CSR is checking on order, promotions and HD packages
9:54 Placed on Hold
10:06 Tranfered me without notice
10:16 The earlier entry and csr was all #&*#' UP She didnt post anything to my account and I want to strangle her for taking that long.
Next Saturday the 11th set up Between 8-12
Rental fee 6 HD Fee. Mantain 18 Months. Charged 240 if I cancel. 90 day Warranty on intallation and 1 year on equipment.
I am all set.
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Feb 1, 2006
Called at 4:15 am MST
Waited 7 or 8 minutes for a CSR
I do not currently have HD just a 522 for two rooms, I ordered a 211 for a third room that does not currently have Dish.
Quoted me $98 doller upgrade fee which would include installation of new room, 211 and Dish 1000, took CC info.
CSR told me there would be a $6 monthly enabling fee, which is okay because once they install this I will add HD programming and avoid that fee.
Anyway all setup for install this Friday Feb. 3 8am-12pm.
The CSR did not mention 18 month contract, but was nice and helpful.
Finished call at 4:40 am MST.


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Called in at 7:45 am EST. Upgraded my DVR 311 for a 211 HD receiver for $49. I already have an 811 which I will upgrade in March or April for a 622. They are sending my receiver via UPS. Took about 15 minutes. I used tech support to order. Nice lady from Pittsburg.


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Dec 7, 2004
Fort Worth, TX
I called at 8am central and was on hold for about 17 minutes. The CSR had an Indian accent, but was very courteous and repeated all information so I could verify it. I told him I wanted to upgrade an 811 to a 622. He put me on hold for about 30 seconds while he checked on the upgrade. He came back and said the offer was an upgrade fee of $299 with a 18 month commitment. I said OK, and he suggested the Gold programing package since I currently have the top 180. I verified that that was what I wanted, and he asked me for my credit card information. He then set up an install date of February 28. Overall the process was very pleasant and took about 10 minutes.


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Jan 6, 2006
Palm Bay, Fl
Called the Tech line at 8:10 EST, on hold about 7 minutes. CSR extremly polite (but so am I). Ordered the 622 lease at $299. Only surprise was that to qualify I had to replace both my standard receivers with the one 622. She did say if it didn't work out that I could add back the second receiver, but they wanted folks to try out the single receiver, duel tuner solution first. She correctly identified that I would need a additional dish installed for the 61.5 sat (currently I have a Dish 500 and live in Fl), but that was included in the $299 price. My install date is scheduled for Feb 21st.
I have been with Dish for 10 years and have always found them to be polite. I guess I have been lucky compared to other posts I have read.
The Big Wood

The Big Wood

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Dec 21, 2003
NE Georgia
Called again at 9:05 est
CSR picked up at 9:15
Got the DishHD Bronze
Got the 622 for an install date of 2/21
18 month commitment
90 day warranty on install and 90 day on 622 :confused:
622 will be delivered by installer
No Dish 1000 required since I am an existing HD sub (so the installer will just be plugging in the 622?)
Swapping my ancient 5000 for the 622, so they REQUIRED the return of one of MY OWNED receivers. Will get a $25 credit, which is probably more than the 5000 will get on Ebay anyway...
Originally credit card hold for $1, but later changed to $299.99 to be paid today. If this happens, I will be doing some major complaining because it will be AT LEAST 3 weeks before install!:mad:

This CSR was more informed than the last one. They still have no dates announced to the CSR's for HD LiL least for Atlanta.


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Dec 11, 2005
Athol, MA
Called 8:45 EST, hold time 15 minutes.

Asked for 622 to replace a 301 and 6000, quoted $299 to do today or if I wait until 4/1 $200 rebate. Told her to go ahead.

Put me on hold to compare the new Platinum to AEP & HD which I get now. Very friendly & helpful CSR, but doesn't seem to have been well informed about the new packages.

5 minutes, she's back...apologizing as I'm her first call of the day. Explains all the charges, basically the same I've been paying including the lease fee.

Install date March 5th.

This CSR has a great personality, I hope this job and lack of good information doesn't burn her out.

Crap, the system won't accept the order...she's calling for assistance. Back on hold...

Couldn't activate the Platinum in the system for some reason. Processed the order as Gold, told me to make sure on installation that it is changed to Platinum so I don't lose any stations.

One hour total for the call, but the CSR was so nice I didn't mind.


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Jul 15, 2004
I called around 9 and was on hold for about 15 minutes. The CSR seemed knowledgable about the new HD packages and receivers. She discussed the $299 fee for the 622 and the $49 fee for the 211. I was interested in the HD only package but she said that was not available. She checked with a supervisor and confirmed that there is no HD only package available at this time. So, I decided not to order anything yet as I am interested in getting only HD with the new receivers (along with my locals OTA).


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Jan 24, 2006
I called at 7am Central time. The first csr I talked to said the 622s were not available and to call back on April 1st. I didn't even argue with her, I just asked to speak to someone in technical support. (From my experience with E*, that group of people can get a few more things done then the first line of CSRs). When I got someone from technical support on the phone he said the 622 had no special running and that it would cost me $700 to get it. I did argue with him about the $299 special that was in affect. He put me on hold to confirm and came back a few minutes later and said I was correct. He could not tell me an installation date until he entered the order. After getting my credit card information he told me it would be installed on 2/21am. I asked why the delay was and he could not give me an answer. Also to just confirm, I had to agree to an 18 month commitments with a $240 early cancellation fee and agree to send back to dish the 622. I would also incur a $6 monthly lease fee forever! So for what its worth I have a 622 on order and scheduled for the 21st installation. It does tick me off about the delay and I hope we can learn the reasons why...

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