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August 15th 2006, Toronto, Canada
CEDIA 2006 marks an exciting time for Energy Speakers. With many new product introductions and a focused direction, Energy is thrilled about the future for its brand, products, customers and consumers.

Energy has committed itself to the custom market and the latest introductions validate this promise. CEDIA 2006 will see the introduction of:

In-Wall Subwoofer:
o The IWSUB28 is an in-wall dual 8” subwoofer that fits into a standard 2”x4”
studded wall, teamed with our exclusive 500 watt outboard amplifier (IWSUB500
AMP). The IWSUB28 features many design innovations, including Energy’s
exclusive Kevlar™ cone, 1” MDF front baffle, cast basket woofer with 1.5” voice
coil, inverted surround and an ingenious bracing system to control drywall
resonances. The IWSUB500 AMP (outboard amplifier) not only features 500
watts of true RMS output power, but also offers level, phase (-180 to +180
degrees) and crossover controls. It has been designed to work specifically with
one or two Energy IWSUB28s, in that it offers a “1 sub / 2 subs” switch
(depending on application). The IWSUB500 AMP was designed with a “full wall /
half wall” switch that compensates for instances where a lower wall volume is
present, in order to guarantee impressive performance, no matter the installation.​
Outdoor Rock Speakers:
o The ROCK SPEAKER is an outdoor stereo rock speaker with dual voice coil 6.5”
woofer and dual aluminum dome tweeters. Each tweeter is angled, producing
the largest listening area possible, ideal for outdoor applications where
separation and coverage is an issue. The rock speaker is available in two
finishes to match any outdoor location. The rock also includes a security spike to
ensure it cannot be easily removed once installed.​

Continuing the custom installation theme, Energy is pleased to announce that all of the models in the Reference Connoisseur Custom series will be shipping prior to CEDIA 2006. The Reference Connoisseur Custom series fills a very specific product niche, offering high performance models at affordable price points. The Reference Connoisseur Custom series features 4 models; a horizontal or vertical in-wall speaker, 2-way 6-1/2” in-ceiling, 3-way 8” in-ceiling and our exclusive dual tweeter stereo/dipole/bipole selectable 6-1/2” in-ceiling. The Reference Connoisseur Custom series features all of the advances found in the Reference
Connoisseur series, including Kevlar™ cones, chambered aluminum dome tweeters, aluminum dome midrange drivers, etc. The Reference Connoisseur Custom series even uses our Veritas Custom bezel kits (included with each speaker), industry leading due to their spring loaded dogs and rigid bezel design.

Energy is also announcing the availability of its metal back boxes for sale. The back boxes feature top quality materials and construction and are designed to fit models from Energy’s EAS series, Reference Connoisseur Custom series and Veritas Custom series.

For more information contact Energy Speaker Systems, or visit:


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