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Feb 10, 2004
NE Ohio
Im am replacing my Radio Shack mast mounted pre amp with a Channel Master 7777. While the CM's instructions never stated, is there a preferred distance below the antenna to mount the amp and direction it should be pointed? If this amp doesnt do the trick, its time to tear the antenna down and use it for a marshmello roast.
Thanks to the group for all the help
Just install it somewhere below the antenna; doesn't really matter where. Mount it with the connectors on the bottom (VERY IMPORTANT), so that rain does not get into the unit.
My antenna is on the roof, on a three foot tripod, with a five foot 1" (1.31" actual diameter) aluminum pipe mast. I brought the cable in under the ridge vent. Before doing so, I ran it through a UL listed surge protector grounding block with a #10 copper wire to the watthour meter service ground.

The amp is mounted in the attic down line from the surge protector. I know that it should be closer to the antenna for better performance, but placing it in the attic after the surge protector will keep it out of the weather and probably eliminate degradation form corosion.

Also, for high end installations, I almost never use the cheap painted steel antenna masts sold at Rat Shack, Lowes or Home Depot. They are almost always covered with a full coat of rust after 3-4 years. The aluminum pipe will last almost forever. The winds were gusting to 45 mph, today. My antenna didn't even quiver.

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