Pre-wiring for New Construction

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Sep 7, 2003
Conduits are so confining. As a Master Elrctrician, I have to use them for line voltage.

OPEN WORK is so much easier when it comes to removing the old stuff and running new wires.

You'll never know what is needed in the future.

Some codes require the removal of OLD wiring.

Why not make it EASY?


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Jan 11, 2006
Do you know anyone that has used this company? Their products are exactly what I want to setup, but I have never heard of them.
I don't personally, but all the home builders here in the Dallas area recommend them. Their catalog and website don't show prices and I heard they are expensive. Leviton also makes products for the same use. I don't know which one would be cheaper.


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Sep 9, 2004
If you do not put in conduit, I would still at least reccommend putting some in to allow for easy pulls over vaults, between floors, etc. I have a single floor, but, I have a conduit going from my media box to the attic, and over my vaulted ceiling.


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Jan 10, 2005
I have found some plastic conduit linked off of one of the prementioned websites and was able to actually see it installed in a new construction. They had the home wired for Sat, cable, internet, phone, and security all pulled to one location in the garage. I don't like the idea of putting it in the garage, but the concept was good. More and more homes here are to be setup this way. It ends up being cheaper and easier for the installers and homeowners when they want a service hooked up.

I'm not sure if it has been mention on this forum or not, but there will be a standard for CAT6 where it will be rated for 10Gbps. I have been in meetings for the pass three weeks discussing this and other A/V equipment being released later this year and next year. Sorry, I'm under nondisclosure for the hardware, but I can say that it is driving the new standard in copper rates for A/V HD content. It will be much cheaper than fiber. The only 10Gbps copper available today is proprietary and may not end up being the final standard.


Nov 7, 2006


If you are still pre-wiring your home....I will send you a Commdeck pre-wire system that installs like a roof vent and houses your feed lines. You can also mount your dish to it.

Let me know.


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Jul 19, 2006
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Installing LAN cabling is not the same thing as installing AC electrical wiring.

For the purpose of a small home installation, it's not real cost effective to use a BICSI certified designer, but look at and pay attention to the Installation Do's and Dont's on that web site link.

Unless you use a special stapler and staples, staples are a bad idea generally, IMO. In addition, they are useless for bundles of cable. For bundles of cable in accessable areas, use velcro cable ties screwed to the studs, or carefully use nylon ties. (not too tight)

The thing that makes Cat cable resistant to noise and EMI problems is that the pairs are twisted. If you have a crimp due to staples or hasty installation, that defeats the purpose. Also, keep LAN wiring away from fluorescent fixtures absolutely and AC wiring as much as possible.

Be sure to use cable with plenum rated insulation. It is rated for fire retardance and resistance to harsh environments in attics and basements. (if it is pulled across a sharp edge, the insulation will not come apart so easily.

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