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Nov 13, 2003
New York City
I am confused about the pricing of distant locals on Dish.

I currently have my locals via LIL, but am also eligible for Distant locals via Dish. When I called to add the NYC Locals, I was told no problem, and that it was only $3.00 additional? That really surprised me - I had expected an additional $5.95. Can I add yet another distant local package (say, LA) for an additional $3.00? If it matters, I also subscribe to the Superstations.

I poked around Dish's website, but haven't had much luck.

Pricing is as such

Locals, Supers, Distants (just one of them) 5.99
Locals + Supers 8.99
Locals + 1 set of distants 8.99
Locals + 2 sets of distants 11.99
Locals + 2 sets of distants + supers 17.98 (8.99*2)

You can have all 4 options (locals, distants, supers) if you want. The only package that wouldnt be an add'l $3 is option 4 (all of them)

Basically its 5.99 for the 1st option, add up to 2 more for $3 each, or all 4 for 17.98
Excellent - thanks Iceberg.

So, I have Locals, + NYC Distants + Supers for 11.99 now (used to be just locals + supers). Sounds like if I want to add another set of distants, it would be + $6 additional unfortunately.

Correct..If you have 3 for 11.99 and add one more, it will be 5.99 more.
If Im not mistaken, I think your bill will show as such:
xxxx Locals & Supers 8.99
LA Distants & NY Distants 8.99

xxxx being your city
Too bad Direct TV does not have this option.

This is a good reason to have Dish. Supers not avl. on Direct TV and there is no Denver, Chicagp or Dfw on Distant nets- fewer options.
Dallas got taken off of Distants options a while ago (If you had them, you could keep them). No new subscribers of Distants can get them.

Atlanta is the other option.

Denver, LA, NY, Chicgao, Atlanta

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