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Sep 8, 2003
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Have been waiting patiently for a 921. However, to make it a worthwhile investment Dish needs to add more HDTV content.

Has anyone heard any news (or reasonable rumors) on any new HDTV programming additions? I mention Starz as they have a reputation for better content. Starz HDTV is now on several cable systems in the nation. Why not dish?
Because on the last Charlie Chat he said that Dish was carrying all the HD content that was worth carrying. Thinking that it was a mistake I was hoping that he would correct himself on the retailer chat which was held the next day, nope he said the same thing.

Cable get's installed today, bye bye Dish. I've had it!
Later rad, check back in with us with those twice a year price increases and let us know how you are making out.
I snagged this generic list and combined it from sites that listed HD content on cable. It isn't much better than E* at the moment. I don't think cable is compelling enough to warrant the switch just yet.


NBC broadcasts The Tonight Show, ER, American Dreams, Ed, Crossing Jordan, and Frasier, as well as primetime series Boomtown, In Laws and Hidden Hills. NBC executives have stated a commitment to producing a more significant portion of its primetime lineup in HD in the near future.


CBS has been the most aggressive about embracing HDTV, with most of its primetime programming airing in high definition. CBS has committed to increasing HDTV broadcasts. Among the series that will air, are: JAG, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Judging Amy, Without A Trace, Robbery Homicide Division, The District, The Agency, Hack, The Guardian, Becker, Touched by an Angel, Everybody Loves Raymond, Bram & Alice, Yes Dear, King of Queens, and The Young and the Restless.

Superbowl XXXVIII will be in Hi-def on Feb 1, 2004!


ABC is offering a greatly expanded line up of primetime programming during the 2003 season including Monday Night Football, NYPD Blue, The Practice, The Wonderful World of Disney, The Drew Carey Show, Alias, 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, and a large selection of feature films every month.

FOX and PBS also offer HD programming. Different markets have different availability.


Showtime HD



Discovery HD


(This list isn't complete)
When Charlie CEO said there was no more HD worth carring, He was just saying that to get lower prices or better terms in the contracts.

He was just using us and the retailers.
I strongly recommend this daily email guide to HDTV. It is the best I have seen. You can get a FREE 1 week trial:
BobMurdoch said:
Later rad, check back in with us with those twice a year price increases and let us know how you are making out.

Bob, below was part of a response that I put on another forum:

...I guess it depends on what you subscribe to. Using my case, I have the Comcast Digital Platinum package which is $86.99 per month. I haven't done a complete side by side comparison yet but it looks like I get more channels in the basic and movie tiers. I get 11 HBO vs. 8 on E*, 6 Cinemax vs. 5 on E*, 11 Showtime vs. 10 on E* , we're even on Starz. In addition to the $86.99 I pay $5.00 to rent the HD receiver and $4.85 to rent each additional digital SD box (you get one free) so I pay $96.84 for programming, an HD box and two SD boxes. On E*, the AEP package is $74.99, plus $5.99 for locals, plus $9.90 for two additional receivers and $9.99 for the HD package, that's $100.87. And because I have Comcast for TV my Comcast internet service is reduced by $14.00 per month. So in my case I'm saving money over Dish and have a company that says they will be adding HD programming vs. Dish's/Charlie current public statements.

So it will take Comcast a while to get me to a point where I'm loosing money on the deal. I didn't throw in that I'm getting a $25 per month credit on my bill for the next 16 months for switching from a DBS provider to Comcast making it an even better deal. Who know, at some future date I might go back to DBS but right now E* and Charlie have soured me on his company. Even if Comcast cost me more then E* I'd do the switch. With E*'s late hardware, when you finally get it the damn thing doesn't work as advertised, the SuperDish mess, and the move from the HD leader to the we don't know what we're doing Charlie doesn't deserve one more penny of my money.

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