PrimeStar 84E Lens Cover

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Aug 11, 2005
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I was going to add this to a post I made earlier but cant find it. Maybe mods can.

I had an idea that instead of covering the whole front of the feedhorn, I would just cover the center section. I am happy to say it was successful. I tried a couple of things, but the best was the cap off an Ice Mountain 20 oz water bottle. Signal quality went down from 59 to 58 on my Mer II with the cap on. I tried a couple lids off 2 liter soda bottles but the signal quality would go down in the 40's. I just siliconed it on with clear silicone and it works great. Signal goes right through it and it is water tite. Thought somebody else might get some use out of this idea.


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watch out:

Fantastic solution! - :up

Of course, you know . . . now, we'll be hitting you up for bottle caps! - :D
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