problem with 3900 upgrade reciever


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Dec 12, 2003
Springfield MO Area

Hopefully, somebody here can help as the dish techs can't seem to figure it out.

I have a dish 500 with 2 receivers, one a 501 (no problems) and a 3900 (upgrade) ((what the sys info says). Running two SW21 switches. Have a signal strength of 120 on 119 and 115 on 110 sats.

Just added the Springfield MO locals.

The 3900 has lost a few channels, mostly 195 (discovery wings) and a few others, not to important.

However, the locals come in occasionally. I have reset the receiver via the smart card pull, killing the power, and checking the switches via software. I've been out and checked the switch connections. Every time I check the switch, via software, there is no problem. Then the locals and channel 195 come back on.

A couple of hours later, without changing a local channel, the screen goes to a message, sat signal has been lost, check switch, check reception, etc.

Called Dish, they said, switches are fine, signal strength is fine. should be no problem.

I've noticed that the locals usually die around 10:30. Last night, they lasted. I didn't turn the unit off, got up this morning, the locals were gone.

Any ideas?

I've been thinking about taking the 501 back to the bedroom and getting a new dvr for the main tv, but am not to thrilled about paying an extra 5 bucks a month for the service after already paying 57 a month.

Thanks for your help!

If this happens on only one of the receivers I would swap the wires that comes from the lnbf to the switch with each other. If the same thing happens to the 3900 then it is something in the receiver. If it happens on the 501 instead then there is an issue with switch, wire, or connection between the dish and the receiver.

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