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Sep 9, 2003
I hope it is Ok to ask this.

Sometimes whrn I come to the site and click on :"New postts" or "New Usennet posts" I get an error message telling me thatthe administrator has limited me to one search every 20 seconds. This is true even though I have not done any earlier searches. Does the initial list of most recent threads count as a search? I am thinking not since the behabior is inconsistent.

Do others experience this?
Hmm thats the first time I have heard of that.

Have you tried logging out and logging in? Might be a cookie or something.

This release version of Vbulletin seems to have more bugs then the beta did.
I will try it when it recurs but that does not sound like a particularly good solution.
I've had that occur if I accidently 'double' click on the new posts, it counts both so the second click is a new search less than 20 seconds from the first. I am not saying thats what you did, just offering ideas.
Since we have such a beast for a server, I know how to fix the problem. I will just turn off the search time limiter. Therefore, you should not get that error again. :D
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