Problems After SuperDish Upgrade


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Mar 11, 2004
My dual 301 system was upgraded yesterday from a Dish500 to a SuperDish. Now I'm noticing that Channel 204 isn't coming in on one of the receivers (lost transponder message). It's working fine on the other receiver, although a couple of the new International channels (free previews?) are having the same problem on both receivers. I have tried soft resetting one of the receivers and then doing a couple check switches with no sucess at getting them to work.

I plan to call Dish tomorrow to have them send the installer back out, but I have heard that most of them in my area (Rochester, NY) are newbies and may not know where to start troubleshooting. I wondered if there was anything that I could check myself, such as the transponder signal strengths). Any suggestions will be most appreciated!

What model reciever and is a dishpro adapter involved? You might have one of those legacy models that just don't quite work with the dishpro adapter.
Hey bcshields read the original post, the poster says he has a dual 301 system.
That means he has TWO 301's.
Exactly. I have two 301 receivers, and after the SuperDish upgrade I now have a 34 switch.

look at the wiring after alot of our upgrades little things in the wiring that let dish 500's work perfect, caused problems with superdish/dp34 switch set ups

i would replace every wiring end first if i was you

also there has been times when we moved the f connector end on receiver 2 on the dp34 switch to slot 3

every super dish install has some little bug to make it slow down or be a pain in the ass half the time


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