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Mar 27, 2008
I need help - I installed the Comcast Infinity toobar and in the preferences selected the anti-spyware option but did not install the Constant Guard Protection Suite. Since installing the tool bar I cannot shut down my XP pc normally - I have to use the power on/off button on my pc to shutdown.

I have determined that the shutdown problem is related to the tool bar and so I uninstalled it, but soon discovered that in msconfig utility Startup that there is a Comcast anti virus program checked. I unchecked it but it keeps returning despite every effort to remove or diable it. I found a Comcast
program folder in WIndows Explorer programs that contained an anti virus .exe file and several other associated files including an uninstall .exe file. I ran the uninstall application and thought I had gotten rid of the Comcast anti virus startup in msconfig utility. However, it comes back checked over and over again despite unchecking it!!! It cannot be found in Revo uninstaller, MS Add/Remove Programs or CC Cleaner uninstaller.

Can some offer any suggestions - I have hit a brick wall.


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