Problems with Dish 500: signal loss on 110


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May 12, 2004
I have a Dish 500 with a split switch enabling two satellite feeds on 110 and 119- have no further idea on the actual installation configuration. The problem I am experiencing, that I have been advised anyway, is that the feed for 110 is a weaker signal than 119 but still above 50%. When experiencing a power loss or reset the Dish 500 will only read channels on 119. Even if we change the satelitte setup to 110 West and find a transponder with a greater signal the switch will go to 119 when we cancel out of the screen. The signal is definitely there but is there any way of setting 110 as a default or telling a switch from the settings which satellite to read and actually hard set it? The tech thinks we may need to overhaul our equipment but everything has been working fine up until now and we think this is just a sales ploy. Help!
Also have 110 problems

Have had Dish 500 for quite a long time now with no problems. Purchased an 811 in January and until April have not had any reception problems. Suddenly, I am "dropping" 110 channels. Sometimes I get them just fine (usually in the very early morning) and then at some point it will pixelize and lock up, or I will change channels and no longer be able to get the 110 channels.

Have dual LNBs for reception on the 500 into the switch. Run lines to 3 recievers, one JVD-DVHS, one 301 and one 811.

On many occasions when the signal is lost, I will go up on the roof to work on allignment, so far without success. The Check Switch test always checks out just fine.

My first thought is allignment, but that doesn't explain why the signal is okay sometimes and not at others.

If someone can help Melody, I hope you can help me too!
I am having the SAME problem

I am having the same problems. I have worked with Dish on this for the past 2 weeks, updating software, checking signal, checking switch and EVERYTHING is FINE. My signal is anywhere from 120 - 121 so I do not think that is the problem. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


I have a dish pro 34 switch with a dish 500 and 2 receivers 721/501 and I am having the exact same problem except it's on 119. I have tried everything I can think of and while doing a search I found this thread. If any of you find the problem please either im me or email or do another post to this thread. I am very frustrated with it! Thanks for any help. Bob
If any of you have a Dish Pro Twin check the plate on the side facing the dish and see if it is a CCS9601. DISH has had a problem with this 1 being temperature sensitive many were discovered and replaced last year but they have started to show up this year.

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