Program Showing at Hopper 3 Startup


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Jun 30, 2004
When I turn my Hopper 3 on, it shows the home screen with a program running in the upper right corner window. The initial program selected is almost never a channel that we watch. For the last few weeks, it has been HLN ... 202 or something like that. We never watch that channel. Prior to that, it would startup with channel 6 in LA (a weird channel that we would never watch). What controls the initial program selection by the Hopper 3? I've looked for a way to set it to a specific channel to no avail. It isn't a random selection, because it almost always starts with the same channel. Today, when I first turned it on however it started with the NFL channel (which I do sometimes watch ... or at least did during the season). If I have been watching a channel, turn the Hopper off for a very short time, and then turn it back on it does start at the program I had been watching. This is a mystery to me. It isn't a serious problem, but has piqued my curiosity.

What he said, go to Menu, Settings, Power, and set it to Last Channel Watched and you will always come out of standby to whatever channel you were watching when you shut it off earlier...

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