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How does the superstations get priced with the AEP.

Right now I get them with my local for $8.99, If I chose the AEP plus locals for $79.99 will I still get the superstations discounted?
Thats what I thought, a CSR just told me different, she said supers would be 5.99. :rolleyes:

She said the AEP was 79.99 and supers 5.99, the didn't come discounted with the AEP.

Thanks Kevin
Actually I have AEP w locals for $79.99 and then New York distants and Super Stations for $8.99. So if you have only Super Stations and AEP w locals then it would be $5.99 a month. Unless they package like this :

AEP $74.99
Super Stations w locals package $8.99

I have seen them do it both ways. The key is the more you get with Dish the less it cost. In the past I had :

AEP w locals $79.99
Distants (New York & L.A. ) +
Super stations $11.99
Wait, can u get locals from other markets? I would love to get the LA stations in Sacramento, is this possible?
If you have waivers from your local affiliates or if you "move" to a white area that automatically qualifies for distant locals.
Folks, I am next to certain that AEP + Locals + Superstations is $79.99 + $5.99.

Anecdotal evidence (i.e. people tell me) that locals + superstations is $8.99. But according to EVERY piece of official info I have it is supposed to be the following:

DishNets REGIONAL (which consist of ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and MAYBE PBSx (Only if you qualify for it separately)...this is ONLY Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles and New York networks

1 package $5.99
2 packages $8.99
No more allowed by law.

Superstations by themselves $5.99
Supers + 1 package $8.99
Supers + 2 packages $11.99

$5.99. This includes most or all of the local channels and generally not just the 4 networks.

Dishnet Locals + Superstations $5.99 + $5.99
Dishnet Locals + DishNet REGIONAL + Superstations $5.99 + 8.99
Dishnet Locals + 2 Dishnet Regional + Superstations $5.99 + $11.99

The last one is exactly how my current bill reads.

See ya
What's interesting is I have Dishnets Locals + 2 Regional Packages + Superstations but my bill reads
Network Package 8.99 + Network Package 8.99 = 17.98.
Same deal as Tony's bottom line but worded completely differently.
Tony thats the way the CSR explained it, If I chose the AEP/locals for 79.99 my supers would be 5.99.

Here's how my bill reads:

AT150/HBO/Cinemax value pak 59.99
HD Pak 9.99
2 receivers 9.98
Cleveland locals/Supers 8.99
warrranty 1.99

Here's your deal for DVI-D cable for the 811 - $8.00

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