programming for the dvr-800 sathawk/solomend/openbox. any opensource assembler out there? (1 Viewer)

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Apr 16, 2010
saint charles, missouri
haven't done much programming since i disassembled some apple software in the 80's and made changes to my likeing. i see that the load of the firmware is only 4 meg so that wouldn't be a big project. i loaded the firmware from this site and installed it fresh without loading any of my user likes. the recording feature on the firmware from here was more usable and i liked that. however, the programs would keep locking up after i was watching for awhile. somewhere in the firmware it was getting lost. another thing in the firmware was when i would change to another satellite that was previously scanned and had good signal, the 'moving dish' display would stay until it timed out. with my older firmware when you change to a working channel and the signal display lit up, the moving dish would immediately go away. another programing input i would like to play with. wintertime is getting here and i am done with gardening and field work so have a bit of time to work on it. charlie
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