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Nov 20, 2006
I currently have an older non-progressive scan DvD player (480i), which I play onto my Panasonic 42" EDTV plasma. To me, the picture is always excellent, and I'm wondering if it is worth it to get a progressive scan unit to take advantage of my TV's 480p display capability.

My TV has a built-in line doubler, which I imagine is making up for most of the shortcomings in my current 480i Dvd player .... and I'm just wondering whether there will be a noticeable visual improvement by moving up to a progressive scan player. Any input greatly appreciated.

Look for a Panny DVD-RP82 or CP72 used. They were some of the highest rated progressive scan players ever tested.
I have an older Panasonic, I think it's an A10, was very expensive at the time, like $600. I just upgraded to anew 61in JVC in my home theatre and was wondering if my JVC DVD player with Progressive scan would look better. The answer was no, maybe even looked worse, so the Panny went back. I will hold out for one of the new HD DVD players when that mess gets settled and the prices come down.
I was just in the store looking at DVD Recorders and I noticed that most of the DVD players these days say "Upconvert" on them. Something about upconverting the signal to near HD resolution.

Is this the same thing as my Progressive scan DVD player, or is this some new tech that has been developed?
A progressive scan DVD player produces a 480p output rate. A "upconvert" dvd player adds extra resolution to the 480p and produces a 720p or 1080i image. IMHO, the upconverted image look slightly better than the progressive 480p image. The upconverting players I've seen require a HDMI connection to the TV to work.
If you research videohelp you can easily find up-convert players that not only do 720p and 1080i up-converts via component, but have built-in card readers, are also PAL compatible and region free, and play darn near any format that can be found on CD/DVD; all for nearly the same costs as lower end or restrictive units. Just do some research before jumping on the first thing you see and you will be happy. You can be assured that most retail stores will NOT have the best units for the money!

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