Proposed FCC DBS Licensing Requirements (1 Viewer)

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Dec 8, 2007
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FCC is working on updating the DBS licensing regulation.

Among other things, they are addressing the NorthPoint litigation that effectively froze new DBS licensing a decade and half ago.
Dish is using 2 transponders at 61.5W that got caught up as a result of that lawsuit (operating with provisional licenses).

Other highlight include extending licenses to 15 years and allowing tweeners only if approved by the licencees of the adjoining 9 degree spaced slots (probably effectively eliminating DBS tweeners).

And they conclude that there is no need for more slots since the DBS frequencies supplemented by the BSS 17/24 Band, along with a shrinking satellite market provide surplus bandwidth for service.

Proposed Amendment of the Commission's Policies and Rules for Processing Applications in the Digital Broadcast Satellite Service
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Apr 9, 2006
It seems as it is designed to limit competition in the DBS game, at least MAJOR competition. On the other hand, tiny Orbi or Orby TV leases FSS, completely sidestepping rules regarding DBS, but that service is not a Dish or DirecTV killer
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