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Mar 19, 2005
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Quick question that I have faith the folks on this site can help me with. In anticipation of my kids getting their PS3 on Christmas. I have my HD projector hooked up to my HR10-250 (D*) and my surround system also with component. When I hook up the ps3 do I connect it to my projector and then also to the surround system? Should I use component for both connections? Does the PS3 have the optical connection for the audio also?? Thanks in advance...:)
Yes, the PS3 comes with a optical out for audio. Also you will have to purchase a AV/component cable(sold separately) if you choose to go with component. AV/Composite cable is the only thing included in the box.. I am just using a HDMI cable myself from
PS3 to HDTV.
Also the manual says it will output 7.1 surround with HDMI only. So you will need a 7.1 HDMI audio receiver to go that route. I dont have one myself. :(

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