Q:Dish/MicroRoyal DP-34??


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Nov 17, 2003
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Whats the difference between a Dish DP-34 and a MicroRoyal DP-34??

Is either any better than the other??

DISH dp-34 is the officially produced switch that works with Dish Pro LNBs and receivers. Microyal DP-34 is made in Taiwan maybe by the same company maybe by another company that has reverse engineered the product. DISH will warranty their DP-34 but not Microyals. Microyals product will cost you less and seems to work but I wouldn't be surprised if DISH made some slight change in their software that would defeat Microyals competing product. DISH does not like people having a second source of their products they like to control the price of components. The DP-34 I have in stock says Made in China, not Taiwan though Taiwan is part of China.
Microyal Receivers...???..

Hi: Looking at buying a microyal 900 receiver.... don't really know much about them... Appreciate anyone who can fill me in Thanks Aid :yes :yes :yes
I've used that receiver. Microyal sells a lot of them. It's a good receiver. Not the high end, but it works very well.
MRX Microyal Receivers.

Hi Mike 500 : I have been informed that the supplier will have in stock at the end of July/04 Model 1000. I have used DTV and know it will accept the dish/LNB.. My question is there a website where a guy could glean information as to how to setup for reception on Dishnet. Tks Aid :confused:

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