QAM channels in clear on CV


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Jun 7, 2009
Milford, CT
I want to ask about CV's intentions with QAM channels 'in clear' (no cablecard needed). Knowledgable folks have advised that CV is committed to 'Basic Cable' in clear. That includes some analog channels and some QAM channels in clear. Recently, CV removed NY-5 from both analog and QAM-clear. They replaced QAM NY5 with QAM CT61 (a CT FOX-network station on Channel 25), and positioned it at channel 705, on the cable box. They also assigned 'logical channel' 5.1 to CT61. I guess that choice was made so that people using 5.1 to receive QAM Fox would not be affected by the change.
Recently, I reprogrammed on of my QAM tuners. I found that 'logical 4.1' and 'logical 7.1' have all vanished. They can still be found as QAM channels, nestled in with a curious mix of other stuff.

Why did they do this? Is it a harbinger of more changes that make QAM-tuning for 'Basic Cable' harder-and-harder, over time?

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