Any good dvr or pvr boxes (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Guru
Feb 10, 2009
Dark side of the moon
I was wondering if anyone has found a good dvr box for sale that is not intended for timewarner but works to record analog channels. I know they make them but I have very hard time finding one. The best I can find is a dvd recorder and that only has one tuner when I would really like to find a dual tuner box that uses a hard drive. I am going to get a pci tuner card for my pc if I cant find anything, and use my xbox 360 to stream content back to tv.

Basically what im trying to do is not pay for cable tv anymore, only get the basic channels 0-99 and buying my own box to record my shows. I currenly have there hd dvr and its crap. I am on my 4th box in 6 months and this one cant view hd content, so I wanna get rid of it completly.
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