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May 21, 2008
We are working with a provider that is providing our students with a clear QAM signal. We are finding that there are a number of issues with QAM tuners in televisions. What I am curious to learn from you all is how we might expect televisions to interact with this system. Since there are are different encodings of QAM, such as 64, 128 and 256 bit. Are all QAM tuners going to be able to tune in each? or are there limitations to what level a tuner will go up to? Do "all" tuners decode all levels? Looking at specs online for various televisions and of course you cannot figure this out by looking at that. Ideas? We have about 2000 students arriving in a few days to enjoy this new digital system.......panic in what we might encounter and how to handle this with the students and parents is setting in.

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