QPH031 and DIsh Network?

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Mar 1, 2009
how can I hookup a dishnetwork box to a 12ft mesh
with an Invacom Circular/Linear Ku 0.3 dB Quad LNBF QPH-031
I'm not getting any circular signals
is it possible to hookup the dishnetwork box to a DM800
all equipment is new - dishnetwork help line is useless

sorry I cannot find where and or how to start a post or start a thread
and I really don't know or understand the difference between post and thread
In the forum view there is a button, - New Topic. Clicking that will start a new thread. Threads cover a topic and contain posts that people write to discuss the topic. This comment should go in a new thread. (in its own topic, instead of a topic from four years ago)

For a Dishnetwork subscription. it is best to use their antenna equipment. DN does not work with positioning motors. What kind of DN receiver do you have? DN receivers expect to see antennas with multiple LNBFs that are pointed at several satellites at the same time.

The QPH-031 has four outputs. the ones labeled C provide circular polarity. The outputs labeled L provide linear polarity. To get both polarities on your bud, you need a switch of some sort between the receiver and the LNBF.

To help us understand this problem, could you explain why you want to combine the DN box and the DM 800 on your bud?
Wow, the revival of this thread and review of the QPH-031 is a trip down memory lane..... This review was performed on a unit which was the first QPH-031 released from the factory preliminary build.

The world premier of a revolutionary product in North America.... and it was first reviewed for SatelliteGuys! ;)
the invacom qph-031 has two linear and two circular outputs, the circular outputs will work fine with dishnetwork receivers.
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