Question about fortec star

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Nov 22, 2006
Sorry to bother would you knoew how to program a fortec star lifetime ultra receiver? Thanks.

FORTEC STAR FS6D-180CM C/Ku Prime Focus Dish Antenna

Anyone have one of these and what type of performance can I expect? Can this dish be motorized with the base that it comes with? Anyone please provide some input so that I can depart with $175 for the FS6D and $49 for the BSC621-2 C / KU Band LNBF I think this is a good start for me, the price is right and I can get going on my Dreambox Reality I PVR project.
what do you mean program? What programming are you trying to pick up?

What is your setup? (Dish size, LNB, etc)
Please reply by conversation.

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