question about harddrive


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Nov 12, 2008
San Francisco
I bought a lots WD/750G harddrive the older version of my book back in mid 2000s such as was real good with no problem, ..But now I need buy some more.. Only I use the harddrive for transferring recording from DVR to the hard drive to keep!
I see a lots mix and bad reviews about the new WD/my book because of new smart software inside , some people have problems with it, in Amazon customer reviews… I just want to ask If any of u know any brand u have experienced & works flawless with dish boxes these days? I like the good o WD , But don’t know new version still works with dish or not! If still do please give me the model #
Thank you :)


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Sep 20, 2005
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I have not read any posts regarding problems with any WD drives, past or present. They are what the majority of people use around here. Keep in mind those Amazon reviews do not pertain to use as a Dish receiver external HD. If in doubt, disable the sleep function...which has not appeared be a problem. Only Seagates troublesome in that arena.