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Feb 12, 2008
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Got this old DEXCEL DXR 1200 today at a sway meeting.

Does anyone know anything about it?

Also - - - could I use it for C-Band analog on 133W for TP17 (seems like it only has even numbered TP's)

Lastly what does the 70 MHz input mean - - - never seen that before?


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Feb 27, 2010
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That's ancient. Won't work with todays LNB(F)'s. 70Mhz. Before LNB's there was LNA"s (Low Noise Amplifiers) up on the feeds that were RG-213 (?) coax connected to a LNC (Low Noise Converter) which directly converted one TP (4Ghz or 12Ghz)at a time to 70Mhz (center freq) that's fed down the RG6 to the receiver. Most analog carriers were around 20Mhz wide(+) affording around 5Mhz on each side to suppress adjacent channel interference. The receivers usually had a pass-band around 30-35Mhz to allow the AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) to lock onto the carrier as the oscillators used in the converters drifted badly. Dont know of any that were "phase locked" to a crystal reference. Todays LNB's convert the whole band (500Mhz wide) used by the satellite to the IF. 950 to 1450, 2450 or so if band stacked. I have a Gillespie receiver, with it's original 120° LNA, and convertor in my museum along with a TOKI 70Mhz receiver. Either would probably work IF I wanted to hook 'em up. NOT!
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