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Apr 4, 2011
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So, I've been slowly working on getting the Birdview solid dish that I bought from Linuxman up-and-running. I picked a spot just to the south of my deck and set up the NPRM there. I got the mast plumb, had a neighbor help me lift the AJAK horizon-to-horizon mount to the top of the mast, and then the next day had buddy come over and we lifted the reflector up and bolted it to the motor.

I decided that I'm not going to have this dish tracking the arc for now, so didn't adjust the declination for my more Northerly position than Linuxman's, and I parked it on Galaxy 17 at 91W. The C-band signal is booming at 90+ quality on the meter and the channels are solid. Ku-band channels should be acceptable, though I haven't tried tuning any yet. I just got an Ecoda 22kHz switch to combine the C and Ku ports into one cable running back to my receiver.

Other dishes I've currently got include one 90cm WSI dish pointed at SES 1 at 101W, and a 36" (former DTN dish) pointed at AMC 6 at 72W.

This week, I will start setting up the Birdview perforated dish. This one will be motorized with a GBOX V3000 to catch the rest of the arc from about 83W to whatever I can see going to the west until my house interferes with my line-of-sight. Hopefully, I'll be able to see up to 125W or higher. Just doing the ballpark measurements on, I'm thinking that I should be able to see over to 135W.

Pictures of the project so far:


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Keep up the good work.
And give us more picture feedback when you get the other dish out in the sunshine. - :up

Oh, and that's a Birdview motor/mount.
An AJAK is a whole 'nother animal. ;)
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