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May 13, 2004
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Well, there is a good chance (it would take too long to explain, let me just say, AT&T has sent me a modem, they took the order, and it supposed to be activated tomorrow 4-4-07) that I'll be on DSL in about 24 hours (386Kbps-1.5Mbps down, and 128-386Kbps up for $19.99 a month). Anyways, wanted to find out what I can do with my satellite system after words. I signed up for Direcway (now Hughesnet) on 12-02-05, was installed 12-10-05, 15 month contract ended in February of this year. Anyways, have the normal consumer dish and a model 7000 modem.

Can/would Hughesnet buy back? Can I sell it to anyone? If I do sell, can the buyer activate a new account? With or without 15 month contract? What would anyone else recommend I do with system. I did pay $600 for it, so I would like a return of some sort on it. I was thinking $200-$250, is that fair, too little, too much? Anyone?

Any ideas, thank you.



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Jan 3, 2004
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Is it a .74 or .98 meter dish antenna? Is the modem a DW7000 or an HN7000S? There is a demand for the HN7000s, as there are not alot of them out there. HughesNet will not buy equipment back, but you do own it, and therefore you can sell it.

You can list in the Classified section here at SatGuys, but your best bet is eBay, especially if you have a .98m dish antenna and/or HN7000s modem. I do not remember when the HN7000s came out, but based upon your activation date, my bet is that you have the older DW7000 modem. Based upon your purchase price, you should have the .74m dish antenna.

You can also check with a local dealer, and see if there would be some interest. A customer can do a used equipment purchase, and have no committment. Customer would have installation costs, however.

Good Luck



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Jun 19, 2005
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A customer can get new equipment installed for 399. So if you take the 200 dollars away for what it would take if who you sell it to needs it installed 200 dollars may be too much. I would suggest put it on ebay for 100 and see were it goes. They go for about 150 to 200 on there for the system you have. Make sure you pay the last bill so the modem will be clean.

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