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Oct 28, 2016
hello everyone :) im here today becasuse i wanted to know if this switch would work in my c-band setup? model of switch is JVI 35-DN34 ill post picture too. let me know if it will work for c-band and if so do i have to have dual lnbf


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ok thank you :) is there a switch that i can use like that one but that will work? again my setup only has single lnbf
Single output LNBFs will only output one polarity at a time. What does that mean and why is this important? Anytime one of the connected STB's selects a channel on a horizontal polarity, all STBs will only be able to receive horizontal polarity transponders on that satellite. This is because the single port will switch to the polarity of the highest selected voltage (Horizontal = 18Vdc). If all channels on that satellite are on one polarity, this will not be a problem.

On a regular satellite system using non-bandstacked LNBFs, if you wish to send satellite signals from both polarities to all STBs, then the LNBF must have two outputs and the switch must have two inouts per satellite position (13vdc for vertical / 18Vdc for horizontal polarity). A legacy DirecTV multi-switch is typically used. Best if it is a powered switch, rather than a passive switch.

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