Question for Anyone owning the new Tablo Quad

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    Tablo has sold a limited supply of their new Tablo Quad units. I have some questions for anyone who has the new unit.
    1) Any advantage or disadvantages to use an internal SATA drive versus an external USB drive?
    2) How hot does the unit get when using all 4 tuners? This could be a reason to not use the internal drive.
    3) How sensitive is the tuner for weaker stations?
    4) Any other comments.

    I am thinking of buying the unit but the engineer in me wants to do the research first. I may wait to hear how the commercial skip works. That is supposed to be released in April. I also like the idea of paying $150 for a lifetime Guide subscription.

    Years ago I owned a Replay TV which had commercial skip. But they went out of business.

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