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Jul 29, 2005
Plain City, OH
Tablo has sold a limited supply of their new Tablo Quad units. I have some questions for anyone who has the new unit.
1) Any advantage or disadvantages to use an internal SATA drive versus an external USB drive?
2) How hot does the unit get when using all 4 tuners? This could be a reason to not use the internal drive.
3) How sensitive is the tuner for weaker stations?
4) Any other comments.

I am thinking of buying the unit but the engineer in me wants to do the research first. I may wait to hear how the commercial skip works. That is supposed to be released in April. I also like the idea of paying $150 for a lifetime Guide subscription.

Years ago I owned a Replay TV which had commercial skip. But they went out of business.

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Oct 17, 2019
Hadley, pa.
I have 2 tablo players. 1 is the quad and I installed an internal drive in it. It doesn,t run hot. You need wifi to get the 14 day programing guide which works well. The commercial skip isn,t perfect but there has been a few updates to improve it. You don,t need to run coax to each tv as you use wifi to deliver programing to each tv. You need a roku player or an amazon player at each tv. I use both roku and amazon fire stick. Your zip code decides what stations you have a guide for. My zip code says there wasn,t any stations available at my location. I Live on a high elevation at my location and get lots of channels in a about a 200* ark., 60 miles north, 75 miles west and 90 or miles south. So I have 3 antennas. A big channel master on my tower and a couple smaller antennas that really work well. I is a televise and the other is an antop. . The other tablo is the 2 channel version with the external hard drive and it seems to work as well as the quad with the internal drive. Main reason I like the internal drive is it takes less space with the internal drive. I got my first one in march when you got a free lifetime guide. for the one you had and any you bought later. After the cut off date you have a charge for the 14 day guide. If you do not want to get the 14 day guide you still get the free 1 day guide. I like how you can record tv just like the cable companys do except you can keep anything as long as you want and it supports up to an 8 teribit hard drive. The main reason I have tablo players is I have guide that supports the channels north and some of the west ones and The other one gets the south west and south ones. You can name them. I call one of them Youngstown and the other one Pittsburg.
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Nov 19, 2019
Resurrecting an old thread here. I looked into the Tablo units. I think their tuners are the best on the market but the guide is expensive and quirky (see above). I ended up getting the Amazon Recast 4 tuner - great TV guide and it's free. This works wonderfully for me with one exception...... Yes, it has 4 tuners but it can only stream 2 streams at once! The other 2 tuners are relegated to recording only. I can highly recommend the Recast but save some money and get the 2 tuner version. If you need more storage space (>500gb) just plug in a USB drive.

As far a Tablo is concerned, they may go the way of Replay(?) But Amazon is going to be around longer than we are!
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