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Aug 30, 2006
Phoenix, AZ
Hello, I am a new dish customer and would like to have access to either the 61.5° or the 148° satellite. I have a 211 receiver and a dish 1000 looking at 110, 119 and 129. I have an extra dbs dish and LNB that I got from voom which I would use to receive the signal. Since there is only one cable coming from the dish1000 to the 211 could I use a DP21 switch to connect the 2nd dish? Thanks for your help.
The moment you use a switch the DPP Twin's satellite input is disabled. So you can't use a DP21 to combine the 4 satellites. Also, you will need a DP LNB. The Voom lnb won't work.

Once you get a DP Dual or DP single, you'll need a DPP44 switch to combine the 4 satellites. Each satellite needs a cable run to the DPP44 switch.

You could also use a DP34 and a DP21. Run 3 cables to the DP34 (119, 110, 129) and combine one of the outputs of the DP34 with the cable run from 61.5 or 148 using a DP21.

Hope that helps.

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