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Jan 14, 2004
Was pointed in the direction of this forum when I was asking my brother (who's been a dish subscriber for a while) about adding a reciever. I actually called Dish, but I already know everytime I call I get a different answer. So I'm looking for the "real" answer.

In July I subscribed(new subscriber) and am on the DHP (Digital Home Plan). I have one PVR508 receiver, although they offered the PVR and a non-pvr in my original package. However I only had the need for the one reciever at the time. What I would like to know, is how much would adding a 2nd non-pvr reciever cost? When I just called Dish a few minutes ago, I was actually told that I couldn't do that right now under my DHP. She said I would have to wait until my 190 days were up since I started???? She said that would be up on the 30th of January. So I then asked if I called back on Feb 1st, what would it cost. She said a $49 activation/install fee, or I could buy the reciever for $99 and then pay $59 for activation/install fee.

I'm thinking as a DHP subscriber... why am I paying for activation fees and install fees? AND if I buy my own reciever, now I have to pay $59? I guess I should have just had them install the 301 from the start and paid the $5 for the last 6 months. That would have only been $30 to date and I could have recorded and watched different channels... ahhhh hindsight.

Also, I don't need an "install" since the 2nd line is already run from the dish and I had pre-cabled the house.

You can add a receiver any time you wish to your DHP account, the key is you must purchase your receiver, they wont add a receiver on your lease.

You can buy a receiver from places like DishStore.NET and DishDepot.COM.

You will have to pay $4.99 extra per month for each receiver.

Hope this helps!
Once I purchase my receiver, do they then cover it on the DHP plan, or do I cover any repairs?

Also, should I have to pay a $49 or $59 activation fee if I buy a receiver?

that is the cool thing about dish!!

that is the cool thing about dish!!
up to 4 recievers on one account all you have to do is pay the extra $4.95 per unit... and the dual recievers in the same case count as one reciever!!

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