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Do you have questions about the upcoming 811 receiver?

As you know the tech chat is coming up where Dave and Mark can answer some of your questions, however next week I may be able to get many of your questions about the 811 answered as well.

So if you have a question about the 811, this is THE place to post it. :D
1. How does the OTA reception / technology in the 811 compare to that in the 6000?

2. Will the 811 offer a 16:9 guide?

3. Will OTA channels and subchannels appear directly in the guide, or will each channel have its own separate submenu as on the 6000?

4. In SD mode, the current 6000 software cannot output downconverted HD channels in "anamorphic" or "squeezed" 16:9 format (for recording to a S-VHS VCR or third-party DVR, and playback in full screen on a 16:9 HDTV television). Will the 811 be able to output downconverted HD as anamorphic 16:9 480i through its SD output?

5. Will the 811 feature discrete IR codes for those with programmable remotes? And is there a possibility we might get a discrete IR code to switch between 1080i and 720p at some point, for those with televisions capable of accepting both signals natively?

6. The 6000 does not currently provide any format/aspect details on OTA channels in the guide or in program information. Might future 811 software differentiate between HD(1080i/720p) and SD(480p/480i) OTA local subchannels in the guide or program information?

7. Is there any possibility that the 811 will see its guide extended beyond two days in a future software release?
[The new Sony HD300, LG LSS-3200A, and Hughes HTL-HD receivers all offer a 7-day guide in 16:9 format.]

8. In a previous Q&A session, Echostar mentioned the possibility of programming information for OTA networks in the 811 guide. Is this something we can expect to see in the next six months, or is that longer-term?
The first thing that I'd like to see (maybe you have it) is a product spec sheet.pdf for the 811.

Then it would be a bit easier to know what to ask....
I am working on obtaining the 811 spec sheet, it was supposed to get sent to me a few days ago.

Next week I should have a LOT of information on the 811 to share. :)

Stay Tuned!
I have an 811 question.

Can I get it in black so that I can swap it out with my 6000 and tell my wife "hey, they must have updated the software last night look at this thing!".

Note: old black remote must still work too.
Even if it says "PRELIMINARY" all over it...perfectly understandable.... it would still be a good start

How about a "PRELIMINARY" evaluation of the 811 receiver....
Satellite guys want to know..... :)

More 811 questions...
1. When will it be available? Nov 1?
2. My understanding from Dish is there will be promos on the 811. What will they look like?
3. How do I get an 811? Sears? Radio Shack? Dish directly?
What does the remote look like? Will it be substantially different form the standard 301 remote?
9. What 8VSB chipset / demod is used in the 811?

10. During an earlier Q&A, Echostar indicated the following:
Currently we are not supporting 480P outputs at all, this requires filter changes on the component outputs between driving HD or 480P. Hope this answered your question.
However, according to the 811 spec sheet, "480p, 720p, or 1080i resolutions supported via HD outputs." Does this mean 480p output will be supported over DVI for plasmas, LCDs, and other 480p displays that feature this connection? Or is this an error in the spec sheet?

11. On the 811 spec sheet, the remote for the 921 is shown. Is this correct? If so, will the PVR buttons on this remote support a standalone Tivo or ReplayTV DVR?
811 questions.

For those of us that have televisions with Component input and 16:9 enhanced mode, will the 811 downconvert to widescreen for those of us waiting to buy an HDTV as the prices decrease?

What I'm wondering, is can a JVC 27" flatscreen TV be used with the 811 in 16:9 enhanced mode for the HD content and receive a widescreen picture?

Or are we restricted to just using the S-Video or Composite outputs?

I can swing the receiver now, and look at an HDTV next year.

I would like to echo the question about deals/availability. I'm looking to switch from DirecTv so I'd like a deal with installation, HD receiver, and Dish, all for a great price offered to new customers. When will this be available?
12. Will the 811 eventually get the new interface shown on 322/522 receivers at the Team Summit?
hi i took the 149 promo for 6000 and i!m pretty happy yet on the install my sony tv has dvi yet couldnt use it since the 6000 does not.Am i loosing a lot in hdtv picture without the dvi hookup? thanks harvey

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