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  1. Currently have 2 VIP 722 receivers. The HDMI outputs from both go into a stereo receiver and then into the tv above them. I also have the component outputs from both run to two distribution devices which then feed several tv's in the house so that we can watch recordings in any room - only desire to watch the same show in different rooms - me in den, wife in kitchen as example.

    Will a Hopper 3 work the same way - put out the same signal via the HDMI and Component outputs?

    We have two other tv's that are connected using the coax output from the VIP 722's - from what I can tell the Hopper does not have coax output. Would I be able to hoop up a single Joey and split the RCA cable outputs and run to these other two tv's?

    Biggest reason for the change is that with the way I have it configured today I need televisions in the bedrooms/den to have two component inputs and can't find any tv's sold anymore that have this - they all have just one with multiple hdmi inputs.

  2. The H3 has one each of the following outputs:

    You can hook up switches to determine which TV you wish to feed. To feed all at once- there are component and composite splitters. You can do that today with coax splitters.

    If you move to a Hopper, you will lose 4x forward and reverse. You will lose NBR. Operation will not be as stable. Etc. etc. etc. All due to Dish putting out something called the CUI. It is a big step backwards.

    You can read the many threads on this.

    Since you will actually lose functionality now by moving to a Hopper, I must recommend you stick to your ViP722s. IF - and I do mean IF Dish ever restores this lost functionality, THEN and ONLY then might you consider moving to the Hopper. Expectations and "promises" mean nothing. Don't move until the features you want are "in the wild."

    Otherwise, keep the ViPs until they rust out. Then you'll be forced to the Hopper series. And then you can consider if you want that, or Dish has outlived its usefulness.
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  3. and to rebut the above post, don't listen to that flat-earther, you'll love the Hopper 3!!! Also, he is right about the outputs of the Hopper 3, all will work just the same. Now, if you require a second Hopper 3, you will need to purchase that one yourself. And, if you go with a single Hopper 3 and replace that second 722 with a Joey, the Joeys only have HDMI and composite outputs so there could be an HD issue there...
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  4. Thanks for the response!

    Both VIP's currently run to all TV's - always watch the same show on all tv's so no need or desire for a Joey to replace a VIP. Very happy with the VIPs and the fact that if/when one dies the other still works. Only looking at doing this since the newer tv's only have 1 component input and I need two in order to use the existing cabling - one from each VIP (via a distribution switch for both) Only reason I am doing this is to get down to a single component output to run to the remote tv's. Guess I could get a manual switch but sort of a pain to always have to walk to the tv to change the input.

    Only reason I will need a joey is to hook up the two tv's in the basement which are not HD anyways - currently use the coax out of the VIP's to run to these (both into a coax splitter to combine them then to other to split them to each tv - different channel output)

    NavyChop - are there automatic switches than would take two component inputs to a single component outout and auto sense which input has a signal? Think the problem is that the VIP's output a signal to the tv whether they are being used or not.

    What is NBR?
  5. Name based recording
  6. In looking at different docs they seem to say that the Hopper 3 has name based recording ???

    I am sue the the VIP's where I can use the guide to find a show - press enter and it asks if I want to record all instances or just new instances - and then I can modify the time to have it record up to 90 minutes long if I want (like on Sunday when games go long to be sure I get the whole show) Is he saying that I cannot do that on a Hopper 3? With the VIP's if a show moves from 8 PM to 10 PM or to a difference day it still records it without me doing anything. That is not true with the Hopper?
  7. You can get a switch operated by a remote. Then no problem if both lines are active. It work$.

    Under CUI, if I start to type in a program name, a list of programs appear. But if I keep typing , and there is no program with that name in the schedule, we're out of luck. It used to be that you could add that name to the recordings list anyway, and when at some future date it appeared on the schedule, it would be recorded. Since CUI has been out for so many months, I can only draw the conclusion that Dish has no intention of adding back dropped features.

    I have previously been happy with my two HWSes, and Dish. This latest s/w version offers nothing new that is of interest to me. I lose features that I have been regularly using, and the operation of my HWSes is notably slower. I have yet to test the Joey 1. I will probably be turning that off, since I own it.

    And I admit the earth isn't flat. It's lumpy. :D
  8. Monoprice makes a 1 in 2 out hdmi splitter for reasonable $ and 2,3,4 in, 1 out version too I believe
  9. Thanks but that doesn't help me - the two VIP's are connected fine to the stereo via HDMI and which connects to the TV via HDMI. I have the tv's in rest of the house wired with component cables - don't want to have to re-snake and spend the money for long HDMI cables. Each current remote tv has two sets of component inputs - new tv;s only come with one :(
  10. According to the Dish Network Hopper 3 set up guide it has component outputs on the rear so it should be able to feed your TV's as they sit except that you will have only 1 component feed, not two as you have now.

  11. Yes - thanks! Have to decide if I want to go through the trouble of converting to the Hopper 3, fighting with Dish about not extending contract (have been with them for 15+ years), and going down to a single point of failure. Plus already have a bunch of remotes that I would have to rebuy :( Part of me asks "why fix something that isn't broken", but it would be less wiring, simpler and any new tv would work for me.
  12. Those 40 remotes that you have will work just fine with a Hopper 3...
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  13. Ha - I wish they were 40's

    They are 5.3, 6.0, 6.2, 6.3 (3) and 21.1 (2) remotes. I've been with Dish for a long time :)
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  14. All of those will work but only in the same room after enabling IR.
  15. 21.1 will work

  16. Will it work for UHF like it does for the VIP's? That is what I need. The 6.x remotes also work for VHF for the VIP's today.
  17. You have to point the 21.1s at the Hoppers. Will work in IR mode only.
  18. Does the 40 remote work for UHF in another room? Or is the Hopper 3 IR only?
  19. Yes, the 40.0 will work your Hopper in another room.
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  20. Thanks -
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