Questions re New BEV Cards


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Feb 24, 2005
Way South BC
My father-in-law sent us down our new BEV cards. The instructions state that I need to have the latest software on my receiver (i.e. E5). I currently have E4. The instructions advise to turn off the receiver to allow the sw to be downloaded. I don't understand how that is accomplished with the receiver off (I guess it doesn't matter). That said, is it done via the telephone line that I am supposed to have connected (and don't for reasons of being south of the 49th parallel)?

Also then I need to call their Canada only 800 #. I presume that I can do that by either having a friend/family member call from Cda OR by a 3-way call.

For anyone who has done the upgrade pls advise. We will likely move to SC eventually with the lack of footprint here in Northern Cal...just not today. I'm having trouble living without my beloved TVO :)


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Oct 30, 2004
As far as the phone call goes you could have your father-in-law set forwarding on his phone number to Bell's toll free number at a predetermined time. You could then call his number and his number will call them. Their ANI would register his number as the calling party not yours. Then you can talk to them. After that he can cancel the forwarding on his line.

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